Google’s smartwatch may be called Pixel Watch Fit and will cost US$400

Several informants confirmed that: google is working on a ‘Pixel Watch Fit’, which could be the name of the next Pixel Watch or, more likely, a completely different device. By all accounts, Google’s Pixel Watch, there are many rumours, will finally hit the market this year, with several reports over the past few weeks detailing many of its resources and features. Meanwhile, Google recently requested a registered brand called ‘Pixel Watch’, apparently confirming long-standing rumors of a ‘Made-by-Google’ smartwatch, but the new account is now raising doubts about the name.

The most significant new look at the Pixel Watch came at the end of the week, when someone left the device at a restaurant and was found by an observer who took his photos and shared them with AndroidCental† The device, which is apparently intended for internal testing, has a round face with curved fabric, confirming both design rumours. However, I may have discovered the software as the device did not work and only showed an initialization sheet with the Google logo when installed.

Dica ShrimpApplePro twittou about a device called Pixel Watch Fit that supposedly has large prints and is priced around US$400. However, according to the source, who says it has analyzed vazed images, it’s not clear whether the Pixel Watch Fit is a separate device from the Pixel Watch or the official name of the same device you’ve been using a lot. in recent months.

Another informant, @chunvn8888, endorsed ShrimpApplePro’s allegations, citing another source who revealed more information about the Pixel Watch Fit. Apparently, the device is manufactured in Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam, possibly at the same factory that produces the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5. The employees of the contracted manufacturer also bear the name Pixel Watch Fit. However, lately it is not entirely clear whether it is the proposed Pixel Watch with a lot of rumors or some other variant.

Another person who also supported the reviews of the Pixel Watch Fit name is the display artist @ianzelbo, who I believe has seen two different models of the Pixel Watch. According to their tweet, the Pixel Watch has an aluminum version and a stainless steel model, so the former can be called Pixel Watch Fit. If this continues, it means that Google could launch two different versions in the near future: a Pixel Watch Pattern and a Pixel Watch Fit, the latter of which may be available to sports enthusiasts. of every jeito, google the confusion will likely disappear when you finally announce the Pixel Watch in the coming months.

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