Google’s “Switch to Android” for iPhone is finally here

Google has discreetly launched a ‘Switch to Android’ app in the Apple App Store, making it easier for iPhone users to transfer their data to android equipment. The move comes nearly a year after initial rumors surfaced that Google is developing an app similar to Apple’s “move for iOS” app on Android. Meanwhile, while Apple apps can help users migrate from Android to iPhone, Google apps are designed to ease the transition for other devices.

Switching between two Android devices is quite an easy process due to the sheer number of options available. Users can copy any data including messages, contact lists, media files, documents and even applications by connecting two Android phones or tablets via USB cable or not. However, migrating from iOS to Android is a tedious and labor-intensive process that most people prefer to avoid. While Android 12 has made the process a bit easier, Google now wants to provide users with a more integrated experience with the new app.

do googlemudar for androidThe app is now available on Apple’s App Store, making it easier for people to switch from iPhone to Android. According to the App Store page, it helps existing iOS users “Fast and safe” Migrate data without iPhone for Android device. The application supports transfer of most data types, including photos, videos, contacts and calendar events. It also provides users with conversation instructions, such as turning off iMessage and moving photos and videos to iCloud.

Interestingly, Google has not officially announced the new application nor has it updated its existing “Switch to Android” site to reflect the new development. In fact, the application can only be accessed through a direct link, as it does not appear on the Google Developers page in the App Store. It also doesn’t show us the search results. Apple added support for these apps in January to help companies and researchers make their internal applications available to specific users. The app is known to work as promised, allowing users to make the impossible transition from iPhone to Android.

Reports of Google’s move to Android apps have been revealed for the first time in the past year or so of a dismantling of the APK of the Android application “data recovery tool” by Google. 9:05 Google Much has been revealed about the upcoming application, including how it will connect an iPhone to an Android device via Wi-Fi to directly copy data, once the popular practice of backing up all data on an iPhone in Google Drive and then manually restore it on an Android device. The report states that the application can even copy iPhone applications to Android, the official Switch does not seem to support this source android registration.

Font: Mudar for Android/App Store, 9to5Google

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