Here’s What Bill Gates Says About Elon Musk Using Twitter

Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates says Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter could enable microblogging platform “Pier.” Gates’ comments come days after the Twitter board accepted Musk’s US$44 billion offer to buy the company, but not before a slew of public drama with the admission of the strategic call for “venereal pillar” frustrated the hostile takeover attempt. . After the initial dispute, councilors hit upon an idea when the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX presented a plan to fund the agreement with banking and personal real estate companies that may have involved selling their Tesla stock.

Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975 with friend and business partner Paul Allen. Gates also took over as president and CEO of the company until he left his last position in 2000. Gates remained president of the company until 2014, when he left the job to focus on philanthropy full-time due to his charitable foundation. Embora Gates has generally taken a long time to make strong statements against her partner and fellow tech billionaires, her latest announcement about Musk’s Twitter acquisition came as no big surprise, especially as her recent SpaceX history has felt uncomfortable with the move. French CEO.

Falando em Wall Street JournalCouncil Summit CEO Bill Gates has expressed doubts about Elon Musk’s motive for buying Twitter, saying it’s not entirely clear what he plans to do with the platform. He claimed Musk could do it “pior” with his absolutism of free speech and saying he will fight against his billionaire colleagues if this happens. “But I didn’t say this is what’s going to happen,” he added. Gates is believed to have been taken in by Musk’s repeated speeches against Twitter’s content moderation policy that seeks to prevent blatant misinformation, conspiracy theories, disaffected media and violent actions on the platform. Many observers, social workers and setor specialists agree that the stance of allowing Musk on moderation will increase awareness and misinformation, making Twitter more of a toxic hell than many already think.

Gates not only expressed doubts about Musk, but also spoke eloquently about his work with Tesla and SpaceX. Gates Signed for Musk’s Leadership of the Two Companies “Surprising” and attributed to him the gathering of large teams to build these companies from scratch. However, he expressed doubts that Musk could repeat this kind of success with Twitter, he said. “I may have doubted whether this has happened this time.” Not so, given Musk’s story, Gates said: “We must have an open mind and never underestimate Elon.”

Gates’s observations of Elon Musk and his Twitter deal come from the context of recent personal attacks on him by the Tesla CEO. At the end of last month, Musk took his seat despicable tweet to Gates, comparing his physics to that of a “heavy man” emoji. Musk also recently confirmed that he left Gates had reportedly sold US$500 million in Tesla stock after being approached by a Microsoft co-founder for donations to help fight climate change. In the last event, Bill Gates avoided questions about whether he actually left Tesla and again advocated for Musk to help fight climate change.

Source: Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk/Twitter

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