Here’s What’s Not Apple’s iPhone 13 Repair Kit:

iphone Repairs performed by the owner of the device are now available with Apple’s official tools, repair guides and parts available to order. If you don’t act like a refurbished iPhone office or dealer, the easiest way to use Apple’s auto repair program is to rent a hardware kit. This is an option that Apple offers to reduce repair costs, although there are some important details to consider when choosing that option.

The iPhone is one of Apple’s most difficult products to repair. Incidentally, an iPhone is one of the two more showing that Apple devices need repair. Being a portable and portable device covered with glass, it is quite common to find frames and, in some cases, shutters after several years of use. It’s also easy to expect something in a high-rise building and damage it. Over time, the battery inevitably loses the ability to remain fully charged, which means updating for a new iPhone or overhauling the current model.

Apple’s iPhone 13 repair kit can be purchased directly, but all the hardware and equipment costs more than US$1,200. Fortunately, Apple offers a surprisingly accessible solution with the option to rent a hardware kit for a tax of just US$49, including freight. The hardware kit for an iPhone 13 is large enough and has a long list of accessories, including specialized fenda straps, adhesive pads to remove stains, as well as heating irons that help loosen glue and presses to remove components. † The hardware kit is large enough for Apple to ship this 16-piece kit in half, containing only the heated display bag that secures an iPhone when placed in the heated display removal fixture, a large machine that holds the iPhone and helps remove dust . Additional tools include a battery and fabric press, repair blade, glue cutter, nylon probe, dust protector and tracing pads, two screws, three torque screws and a torque lock set. The total weight of the two-wheeled cases is 79 pounds, so this is a significant collection of equipment. Unfortunately, the tools cannot be repaired individually and the complete kit is the only option that does not require the purchase of tools and repair equipment, let alone the necessary parts.

To save on fabric repair costs, it only makes sense to buy all the necessary tools if more than one iPhone needs to be repaired. This is why aluguel’s option is so intriguing. However, there are some important details to consider when choosing a DIY method with tools to consider. Apple only allows a seven-day wait and recommends delivering the kit to UPS on the seventh day. There is no mention of extending the mourning period.

Tools and equipment can cost several hundred dollars for immediate purchase, and delays in repair kit handover may result in the total repair kit price being raised. In fact, a US$1,200 refund will appear as a retention on the credit card used to rent the Apple iPhone 13 hardware kit, facilitating the processing of this transaction with Apple. The customer is also responsible for lost and damaged equipment. Apple is certainly not trying to take advantage of customers, but the contract clearly states: iphone responsible manufacturer, and the customer can rest assured to ask for mercy if a tool is damaged, lost or post-shipped.

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