Horizon Worlds beta maker of Meta sells events and virtual experiences

YuanHorizon Worlds’ virtual reality platform is testing a new resource that allows creators to sell virtual reality and experiences to other users. Financial times Suppose the company is preparing to launch purchases in the virtual world using the digital currency name “Zuck Bucks” and other tokens and social tokens.

Meta has been ditched from Metaverse with the launch of its Horizon Worlds virtual reality platform, which users can access via two Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest 2 VR smartphones. After a long guest-only beta, it is now available to all adult users in the US and Canada. However, the platform has faced allegations of sexual assault and other extreme behavior. Embora Horizon Worlds has a “safe zone” that users can activate if they feel that your avatar is physically attached, but it still doesn’t solve the problem of toxic users in virtual worlds.

In an official blog post, Meta (formerly Facebook) announced that it is testing tools that allow creators to sell virtual products and services in their world. Nicknamed “Shopping in the World” by Meta, this resource is currently only available to a small number of creators. Meanwhile, a substantial expansion is expected in the future. At a Horizon Worlds virtual event hosted by startup Vidyuu, Meta CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg expanded the program and said core is a fundamental part of the company’s vision. virtual reality social network. However, to make it work as expected, “There is something that people want to buy” First, he says.

Assuming the resource is open to everyone, all Horizon Worlds users over the age of 18 in the United States and Canada will be able to buy and sell goods and virtual services, including fashion items or access to specific virtual world secrets. The company also said the two creators will earn a commission of up to 47.5% on the sale of virtual products and services on their virtual reality platform. Meta previously criticized Apple for collecting 30% from developers for non-app purchases through the App Store and began creating custom signature links to help creators avoid Apple’s App Store taxes.

As for the health and virtual services market, Meta also announced that it is testing the Horizon Worlds Creator Bonus program. Currently, the program is only available to US creators, who will make payments based on how well their virtual worlds will reach users and how long those users will spend traveling around the world. Creators can also be rewarded for other future goals, such as helping them adopt new tools and introduce new resources that contribute to the business. Yuanworld of the horizon.

source: Yuan, Noite Vidyuu/YouTube

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