Each manufacturer tries to make the car so that it is comfortable to drive. To do this, useful functions are integrated into the vehicle. In particular, it is heating, seat heating. But in order for the stove (interior heating of the car) to work normally, its engine must be periodically lubricated. How to do this correctly will be discussed in the article.

How to remove the motor from the stove

Before lubricating the motor, it must be removed. It must be done with high quality, because due to inept actions the main panel can be damaged. Just below, the engine is installed.

To remove it, you need to dismantle the panel. Before this procedure, the terminals are removed from the battery. If you don’t, you can damage the wiring or even more, the car due to a short circuit. In every car the trim is removed differently and there is no general guidance on the best way to remove the panel.

It is necessary to remove the wiring from the gearbox and the pneumatic valve. Before removing the heater core, the antifreeze is drained from the cooling system. To do this, a tap is unscrewed on the main radiator. You need to drain the antifreeze into a clean dish so that it does not deteriorate. When disconnecting the radiator, you must be careful, because some of the liquid may still be in the pipes.

The stove motor is attached with several bolts. It can also be plastic casings that must first be unscrewed. If you cannot unscrew these parts, the bolts are not completely unscrewed or glued. This must be done without too much fanaticism, so as not to spoil the details.

How to lubricate the stove motor

For the normal operation of the engine of a car stove, graphite is added to them as a solid lubricant. This material ensures the proper functioning of the mechanism. If water or dust gets into the rubbing parts, the friction force increases and a characteristic loud sound appears during operation.

Having reached the engine, you need to unscrew the propeller from it by unscrewing the top cover. It contains a small bronze socket. The second identical sleeve is located in the body of the stove, or made of glass. Before lubricating these parts, you should assess whether they are worn. If the rotor hangs, it is better to buy new rings. If there are no visible defects, you just need to soak the ring in engine oil. You can also lubricate all parts with grease. The final stage of work is the correct assembly of the stove motor according to the principle of the reverse sequence.

During lubrication work, you must be very careful when working with the rotor and the brushes. A few careless movements – and the anchor will be damaged. Also be careful not to get any grease on the contacts, otherwise a short circuit will occur. Failure to follow the operating rules may cause a fire.

Assemble the motor in the reverse order. Nothing needs to be twisted and even more forcefully pushed. If you can’t insert a coin, it doesn’t fit here. It would be better to unroll everything again and repeat the procedure.

Only when all the parts are in place can you fill the system with antifreeze and check the operation of the heating system. If all the stitches are done correctly, no noise will be heard and the engine will work perfectly, without interruptions.

After installing the motor, connect the battery terminals in place, carefully observing the polarity. To better remember the order in which the parts were, it is recommended to mark everything on paper. By following the recommendations, you will most likely not go wrong when changing the motor of a car heater.