How can I remove From Behalf in Gmail?

Emails sent from Gmail with a different email address are displayed in Outlook as “from” [me] @ on behalf of [me] @ [example] .com”? To remove “on behalf” from Gmail, follow these steps.

To remove “on behalf of” and your Gmail address from messages you send through the Gmail web interface using a different email address:

  1. Click on icon Settings in Gmail.

  2. Select Settings on the menu.

  3. Go to the tab Accounts and Import .

  4. under the title Send email as Click change information next to another address you use in Gmail.

  5. Click Next step >> .

  6. Enter the SMTP server name for the email address under SMTP server: .

  7. Enter your email username (usually a full email address or a Gmail already entered) in the field User name: .

  8. Enter your email account password in the field Password: .

  9. In general, make sure is selected Secure connection with TLS .

    If the SMTP server only supports secure SSL connections, make sure that: Secure connection with SSL checked before sending email .

  10. Make sure the SMTP port is correct: for TLS 587 is a typical port; without, 465 .

  11. Click Saving Changes .

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