How long is the waiting time for a new Tesla?

Deciding to buy a new one Tesla is emotional, but unfortunately long waits can turn that excitement into abortion. Since its inception in 2003, Tesla left the car industry, which consumes a lot of petrol, in the direction of electric vehicles and clean energy. The number of Tesla owners is growing at a record pace, bringing more daily burn calls.

Tesla’s current line consists of four main cars to choose from. The Model S car was one of Tesla’s first cars — and still is one of two others. It has an elegant design, has a speed of almost 400 miles and can go from 0-100 km/h in less than 2 seconds. The Model 3 offers availability and potential, but makes it possible to offer a much more affordable price. It’s a situation similar to the Model X and Model Y (both of Tesla’s SUV options). The Model X is Tesla’s flagship SUV, while the Model Y offers the SUV design at a more reasonable price.

To Tesla’s credit, there are many things the company does. His cars have modern designs, excellent speed, powerful automatic direction sources and an incomparable charging network. Unfortunately, there is a big gap between recommending a new Tesla and the wait time you can expect as long as you expect it. Between growing popularity and almost out of work/offer, the wait for a new Tesla can be enough long, depending on the brand/model you choose. If you’re thinking about buying a custom new Tesla, here are the wait times to expect.

We’ll start with the Tesla Model S. Currently, Tesla has two versions of the Model S to choose from, including the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive and the Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive (more commonly known as the Model S Plaid). The Dual Motor configuration currently has an estimated delivery date between July 2022 and October 2022. Beginning to warn for the Tri Motor Model S will shorten the wait time for a delivery date between June and July 2022.

Buy a Tesla Model 3 now? If you’re still looking for the rear-wheel drive model, don’t expect it to ship in July and September 2022. The Long Range Model 3 has an even better estimated wait time, with Tesla not anticipating delivery in July or October 2022. And if you prefer the Performance Model 3, there is a low expectation window with estimated delivery between June and August 2022.

If you think the wait times for the Model S and Model 3 are ruins, hope to buy a Tesla Model X. The dual-motor, four-wheel-drive cartridge version shouldn’t ship until December 2022 or March 2023. The OX Plaid model is slightly more reasonable, with delivery estimated between August and October 2022. But it’s still longer than all Model S and other configurations. Model 3.

And last but not least there is Tesla Model Y. Depending on the version you choose, wait times can be very slow or quite annoying. Anyone who buys the Long Range Model Y today shouldn’t expect delivery until October 2022 and January 2023. But buying the Performance Model Y significantly reduces the wait time – then for the estimated delivery between June and July 2022.

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