Most appliances contain non-ferrous metals. One of the most attractive metals in terms of income is copper. If you collect non-ferrous metals for recycling and wonder how much copper can be removed from a computer’s power supply, this article is for you.

Is it worth making money on non-ferrous metals from equipment

True, many of us have heard that there are “miraculous disassemblers” of equipment that manage to earn one or even two thousand rubles in just a few hours. There are many videos on this subject on the Internet. The “craftsmen” do not tire of repeating how they manage to make money by dismantling any device, and that it is very profitable to extract copper from old devices.

However, the authors of the videos are still silent on the details of their work. And newcomers are brought there, who think that the elements contained in the old equipment can well enrich themselves.

How much copper is in power supplies

Power supplies for computers, especially old ones, weigh quite impressively – several kilograms. But, despite its weight, the total amount of the desired product is small – 100, maximum 200 g, you can get a little more than 50 rubles. For example, 1 kilogram of copper scrap in Moscow costs from 470 to 620 rubles upon acceptance, depending on the quality. Agree, a little money without knowing the specifics of the job.

It is hardly advisable to disassemble the power supply and extract the copper from it. After all, an old device can be converted into a transformer, a compressor and even a small portable welding machine.

Is it possible to earn money on the acceptance of computer equipment

It is quite possible to earn money on the delivery of old equipment. For this business to be profitable:

  • know the quantity of non-ferrous metal contained in the old device;
  • get an idea of ​​the cost of the equipment and its value;
  • dismantling has unlimited free access to old equipment and does not need to pay for it.

In other cases, you are unlikely to be able to make money by dismantling obsolete PC parts. Their inept use will only take time in vain and lead to significant financial losses.

Before you start making money on the extraction of non-ferrous metals from old equipment, it is advisable to study their design in detail, to clearly know how much they contain. Otherwise, the search for additional income can lead to continuous losses.