How T-Mobile’s 5G Domestic Internet Service Test Drive Works

T móvel introduces a ‘Test Drive’ of its 5G domestic internet offering that allows users to experiment with a subscription for 15 days and get a total refund if they are not satisfactory. The telecommunications company is gaining ground with the launch of 5G networks in North America. Embora mobile connectivity may not be the fastest in the region compared to other AT&T and Verizon options, the network is extensive. More than 200 million people are now included in T-Mobile’s 5G ‘Ultra Capacity’ network, the largest in the United States. Since then, the company has expanded to include internet services for home and work, and now there’s a new way to experiment with them.

After years of preparation for a home internet service, T-Mobile Home Internet will be fully available to the public in April 2021. The company has already tested home internet services with potential customers in March 2019 and is already connected to people in rural areas. Local Internet service providers generally have digital cable (DSL) connections that provide Internet access over long-band coaxial cables. Satellite networks are available in selected areas but can be short and the distances between them. As such, T-Mobile Home Internet is a fast and easy-to-use solution for remote connectivity.

T-Mobile Home Internet is powered by the company’s mobile towers, which can offer significantly faster speeds than the hardware services it competes with. The initial price is US$60 per month and there is no data cap on the amount of service that can be used in each fetch cycle. T-Mobile claims its domestic internet will offer an average speed of 100 megabytes per second, but that value could fluctuate, especially since it’s subject to cellular data limitations. Apart from that, it has the potential to offer faster speeds than DSL connections currently available in rural areas. The company’s new “Test Passage” lets users see if the network itself will provide a better experience than their current ISP.

Customers can sign up for the T-Mobile Home Internet Plan and enjoy the service for 15 days. It’s not exactly a free review – potential users must sign up for the Internet plan in full and agree to pay the US$60 monthly tax (including taxes and fees). However, T-Mobile offers a one-time refund to customers who cancel T-Mobile’s domestic internet plan within the first 15 days, making the test drive a low-risk initiative. Since the Internet service is provided through the company’s mobile networks, there is no need to maintain a house or install a satellite for connection. Potential users can test the network alongside the existing internet service and compare the difference with the user experience.

T-Mobile Home Internet is cheapest with automatic payments, while to enable automatic payments it takes US$10 of total monthly tax. At US$50 or US$60 per month, a domestic Internet plan can be a good option for customers who are forced to pay exorbitant prices for medical services, especially in remote areas. With the test drive, it’s easy to see if you actually get a noticeable speed improvement before canceling another internet subscription. Embora did not know how many other free tests, which the user did not collect until the end of the test period, T móvel may facilitate or be sufficient for users to try a mobile Internet connection.

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