How to activate notturna light on Chromebook/Chrome OS

Noturna light is one of many helpful resources Chromebooks Provides and helps prevent visual distraction with a colored cloth. When activated, this mode facilitates viewing of fabrics, especially in low light or at night. Many brands have developed ways to combat eye injuries on various devices, reducing the amount of white light they emit.

Safe mode is another popular solution that is of course available on some operating systems, such as Android. Google is working on changing the dark mode for Chrome OS, which is currently available for testing, with the appropriate filters. Embora Escuro mode is already enabled in some Chrome OS elements, such as in the application window, the effect has not yet been implemented system-wide.

There are several ways to turn on the light on a Chromebook, but the easiest way is through the quick settings menu. To activate Night Light using this method, click the battery or Wi-Fi icon in the lower right corner of the screen. This will allow you to access the Quick Settings menu, which contains a guide luz noturnaClicking on the block will immediately activate Luz Noturna. At this point, the user will notice the embroidered fabric with an embroidered tom.

Another way to activate Night Light is through your device’s Configurations application. To access the settings, click everything button (the one with the search icon) or touch the white button in the bottom number except the fabric. Search for “Configurations” and click the gear icon in the results to open the Configurations.role application below for: equipment and selection to monitor† to activate the previous alternative luz noturnaThis approach not only allows the user to activate the resource, but also personalizes how it works. Users should see a descriptive check of heart temperature based on the alternation of noturna light. Moving the shrink knob adjusts the intensity of the tone on the fabric.

Another customization option available for the night light is the ability to create clocks. A hanging box will appear next to it chronogram Optionally, the user can turn the source on and off by selecting the custom time tailored no menu suspension. You can also choose to automatically turn on the light on the ground and detach the birth from the ground. When enabled, the Chromebook uses the property’s current location for sunset and sunset. The user can also choose: the jeito nenhum Make sure to activate normal mode automatically Chromebook

source: Google Support

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