You have replaced your car headlight bulbs with LED bulbs, but there is no improvement in the light level. This is a typical situation for motorists. To get the best level of lighting, you don’t need to go to a gas station at all. It can be done by hand at home.

To adjust the brightness, you must first:

  • choose a flat surface with a close vertical wall;
  • set the luminous elements of the corrector to the “zero” mark;
  • take a construction tape measure, chalk or marker;
  • clean the windows, if necessary, wash them.

To adjust the headlights by eye, you will need:

  • lead to the wall 3-5 meters;
  • measure the height from the ground to the center of the lens;
  • mark this height on the wall with chalk;
  • open the hood and find the refractive index of the light beam;
  • measure the distance between the bulb (lens) and the wall with a tape measure and multiply by the index of refraction;
  • mark the new distance on the wall as many centimeters as it turned out after multiplying the distance from the lamp by a factor;
  • adjust the glow according to the established cutoff limits.

More precise is the second way to adjust the glow. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • turn on the dipped headlights and drive close to the wall;
  • find the center of the illuminator with the end of the marker and lay it against the lighting device, and with the other end make a mark in the wall, stick an adhesive tape at least 10 centimeters wide;
  • stand 3-5m away from the wall;
  • multiply the distance between the light bulb and the wall by the refractive index and lower the marker to the lower wall by the resulting number of centimeters;
  • adjust the angle of the headlight so that the cut line coincides with the lower strip of tape.
When adjusting the brightness in this way, it should be taken into account that it is not always possible to find the most even surface. Namely, the optimal adjustment of the luminaires and the brightness will depend on a flat surface.

These aren’t exactly ideal ways to adjust the light emitted from headlights, but they will help adjust the brightness with minimal tools. This way you can save money by contacting the service center. In any case, the motorist will feel the full benefits of adjusting the headlights, and at night the road will be seen much better, oncoming drivers will not be blinded by an oncoming light.