The drill bit can be bent, and there are many reasons for this. If you have had such a nuisance, think carefully about whether it is worth assimilating it. In some cases, a broken or bent nozzle cannot be repaired in any way, and the only correct step is to purchase a new consumable. If the extent of the damage is small, you can try to repair the fault.

Does it make sense to level the drills

Punch insert manufacturers don’t have instructions on how to even them out: it’s always easier to buy a new part. Boer landlords who have had such a nuisance share their own experiences. They warn that it is unlikely that it will be possible to perfectly straighten the nozzle. Even if this happens, a strong vibration will still be felt on the hands.

Forum users warn that working with even perfectly aligned elements will be very inconvenient. There is a risk that the drill will burst and the risk of injury will be very high. In addition, this part is relatively inexpensive and much cheaper than a drill.

Products from European and Japanese manufacturers have earned a good reputation. The high quality of the consumable is a guarantee that it will last a long time.

It is therefore not always a good idea to repair the consumables of the drill. remember that the broken nozzle cannot be repaired.

How to align the drill

It is not possible to fix this type of consumable so that it functions perfectly. However, craftsmen suggest not throwing away broken hardware. Its fragment can be made into a blank for making hand tools. Others use the rod for any function – for example, only for impact, drilling.

For modifications of broken equipment, you need to have a grinder (necessarily with a metal disc), a welding machine. The drill will not always function properly after such modifications, as it may produce strong vibrations or pounding.

The user runs the risk of injury when working with a “repaired” rod.

Aligning deformed concrete drills does not make sense: they cannot be perfectly aligned so that they work correctly after repair. If you attempt to correct the deficiency, you may injure yourself as the drill will vibrate, thump and eventually break. The safest option is to buy a new consumable, especially since it costs much less than a new tool.