How to backup Opera Mail messages

Copy all emails from Opera Mail to another folder to keep them safe

You can back up Opera Mail messages so that you can do it without much effort if you need to restore your email later.

Backing up Opera Mail messages is very easy because the program tells you exactly where each email is stored. Once you know this, you can back up your entire email folder.

Since version 15 of Opera, released in 2013, Opera Mail is a completely separate program. In older versions, the email client was built into the browser.

How to backup your Opera mail

The steps to take to save your Opera Mail email depend on whether you are using Opera Mail in the Opera browser or as a standalone program. Any differences will be indicated in the directions.

  1. Select Opera Mail in the top left corner of the program, then select reference About Opera Mail

    Go to Opera To help About Opera if you are using a browser to access Opera Mail.

  2. Copy the location next to Postal Address Book and close the program.

  3. Navigate to this folder in File Explorer.

  4. Go to your root folder. The goal here is to see the “mail” folder, where all the email information is stored.

    For example, the folder in our example is: C:UsersJonAppDataLocalOperaOperamail so we want to move a folder “up” so that we’re in . are C:UsersJonAppDataLocalOperaOpera

  5. Right click on the mail folder and copy it. Another quick way to copy a folder is to left click on it once to highlight it and then run the keyboard shortcut ctrl+c

  6. paste folder mail where you want to copy the information. This could be an online file storage account, an online backup, an external hard drive, a flash drive, or even another folder on the same computer.

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