How to best use light blue colors in web and print design?

  1. Light blue ranges from almost white to sky blue
  2. Alice Blue
  3. azure blue
  4. light blue
  5. light turquoise
  6. Light blue
  7. powder blue
  8. Light Steel Blue
  9. Blue sky
  10. light blue
  11. Cerulean (Pantone)
  12. Rest (Pantone)

Blue is the favorite color of men and women around the world, so it can be used in almost any design project. Discover the lighter side of blue and watch the symbolism of blue change depending on the blue you choose. Light blue evokes sky and water and can be used effectively with other watery colors. Combine light blue with navy blue, plum or dark steel blue for a sophisticated palette, or use it with subtle shades of beige and gray.

When working on a design project that will be printed with ink on paper, use CMYK formulations for light blue colors in page layout software, or choose a solid spot color from Pantone. If your design is viewed on a computer screen, use color equivalents. If you’re working with HTML, CSS, or SVG for the web, use hexadecimal codes.

Alice Blue

This extremely light blue is Alice Blue. Because it is so pale, it functions as a more neutral than other shades of blue, and shares some of the properties of cool white, such as brightness and luminosity.

  • Hex#f0f8ff

  • RGB 240 248 255

  • CMYK 6.3,0.0

  • Pantone hard coated 656 C

azure blue

This very light color is a shade of azure blue fabric. This light blue shade is almost neutral cold white.

  • Hex#f0ffff

  • RGB 240 255 255

  • CMYK 6.0,0.0

  • Pantone hard coated 7541 C

light blue

Cyan is one of the ink colors in CMYK or 4-color printing. Light blue is a lighter version of this color. Light blue has a cool blue-green color. Like other pale and pastel blues, it evokes spring tones.

  • Hex#e0ffff

  • RGB 224.255.255

  • CMYK

  • Pantone hard coated 628 C

light turquoise

Pale turquoise is a light shade of blue-green known as turquoise. This watery blue goes well with other watery shades and has a feminine look.

  • Hex #aeeee

  • RGB 174.238,238

  • CMYK

  • Pantone hard coated 317 C

Light blue

Many blues are considered blue, including blues. It is bluer than pale, but lighter than average blue. Blue is a cool, business-like color, but also one of the colors of nature and spring. It is a calm color that both men and women love.

  • Hex#add8e6

  • RGB 173.216.230

  • CMYK 25.6,0.10

  • Pantone hard coated 7457 C

powder blue

Blue powder has the same symbolism as light blue. It is a calm color of nature and spring.

  • Hex #b0e0e6

  • RGB 176 224 230

  • CMYK 23,3.0,10

  • Pantone hard coated 628 C

Light Steel Blue

Light steel blue has a slightly silvery or grayish tint. While light, pale blue is often spring, light steel blue is more of a year-round color.

  • Hex#80c4de

  • RGB 176 196 222

  • CMYK-42.12,0.13

  • Pantone hard coated 2905 C

Blue sky

This sky blue is just one of the many shades of blue associated with blue skies. Combine light blue with navy blue to convey confidence and truth – the banker’s colors.

  • Hex#87ceeb

  • RGB 135 206 235

  • CMYK 43.12,0.8

  • Pantone hard coated 2905 C

light blue

Light blue is actually slightly bluer than sky blue. Create a conservative yet sophisticated look with a touch of contrast by combining light blues such as light blues and darker blues such as navy and navy.

  • Hex#87cefa

  • RGB 135 206 250

  • CMYK-

  • Pantone hard coated 291 C

Cerulean (Pantone)

In 1999, Pantone named cerulean the color of the new millennium. The company described it as “the color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day”. The cerulean version of Pantone is lighter than the cerulean blue pigment. Cerulean Blue is a calming, soothing color that evokes feelings of peace and confidence – perfect for the tired and high-tech citizens of the 21st century.

  • Hex#9bc4e2

  • RGB 155 196 226

  • CMYK 31,13,0,11

  • Pantone hard coated 543 C

Rest (Pantone)

Pantone has again named a light blue color of the year for 2016. Serenity approaches mid-blue, but the shade of gray makes it soft and matter-of-fact.

  • Hex # 92a8D1

  • RGB 146 168 209

  • CMYK 30,20,0,18

  • Pantone hard coated 2134 C

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