There are various tools that allow you to clean rust and paint from metal. More information about them will be discussed below.

circles of petals

Flap wheels are a popular type of flexible grinding tool. Among its distinctive features, it is worth highlighting the fact that the constituent components of the grinding surface are petals, which are cut from grinding skins, for the manufacture of which a fabric base is used. The petals are attached to the base with durable resins.

It is customary to distinguish the following types of circles of petals:

  1. Petal models, in which the petals are fixed radically on metal flanges with a working hole.
  2. Working circles of petals, completed with the KLO chuck – their petals are radically fixed on the working base, which is completed with the chuck.
  3. Petal models with a working mandrel from KLS – their petals are fixed radially on a working base with a solid hub.
  4. Flap circles with a strong KLT mandrel – their thin petals are attached to the end of the working base.

Petal products are used for electric drills, angle and straight grinders and machine tools. When choosing circles of petals, it is necessary to take into account the features of the work to be performed. Based on this, you need to select the optimal size and grain size.

As for the principle of operation of flap wheels, it is the same regardless of their type – the upper layer of the surface is ground using abrasive sandpaper.

Wire brushes

Another variety is wire brushes. These include tools for the manufacture of which the following materials were used:

  1. Different types of steel – stainless, alloy.
  2. Brass alloys.

Also, it is important to remember such a time that metal jokes are often called iron. However, this name is not entirely correct, since nothing is made of pure iron. To produce metal products, alloys of carbon and iron are used.

Wire brushes are designed to perform various tasks – to remove burrs from the ends of parts used for work, to grind metal surfaces. And they can also be used to remove dried dirt, plaque or clean places where welding is done.

You can also use a brush to clean the welds. After the cleaning is complete, the welds should be treated with an anti-corrosion compound. It prevents rust.

Wire brushes for grinders are called nozzles in a different way. This is a universal solution that allows you to perform various processing operations.

Professional cleaning wheels

Cleaning wheels are designs designed to clean metal surfaces before the welding process of welded and cast joints. They are also suitable for grinding various types. As a rule, grinding wheels have a diameter similar to that of a cut-off wheel – from 115 to 230 millimeters.

And also among the features of professional sweeping circles, it is worth highlighting the fact that their effective use is possible only if the correct selection of tools for specific operations is carried out. In order to manufacture such products, various abrasive materials can be used.

Various tools can be used to remove rust from metal. For example, it can be a petal or a professional cleaning wheel or metal brushes. These structures are described in more detail in this article.