How to block or silence someone on the record to avoid unsolicited messages

discordia easier for users to block or silence someone to avoid receiving unsolicited messages from that person. Unsolicited messages can cause interruptions and hinder the workflow. It can also be a problem when a user tries to focus on a game and is confronted with some DMs that can slow down the game. Discord offers a quick fix for this, allowing users to block or silence specific people on the platform. The process is simple and can be done through the site or mobile application.

Launched in 2015, Discord is gamers’ favorite communication tool, but can also be just as useful as a replacement for other communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. It offers not only instant messaging services, but also audio and video calls, as well as the ability to share media and other files privately and securely. The service is available on the web and also has dedicated applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

To block someone from the Site Disclaimer, right-click on the person’s name and select from the pop-up menu quadra† The selection is saved automatically and the blocked person can no longer communicate with the user. To block someone using the mobile app, tap on the person’s name and then click on the floating three-dot menu in the top right corner of the profile page. Touch no quadra option in the pop-up menu to block this user forever. In some cases, long-pressing someone’s username can open a descriptive menu on the back of their profile page. If that happens, school Profile in the descriptor menu to open the profile page, then click to block the person described above.

Users blocked on Discord will no longer be able to send direct messages, and any new messages posted by that user on a shared server will also be blocked. This guarantees that any interaction with the blocked user is avoided. Discord users also have the option to silence users to better focus on working on this. Silencing someone will interrupt their messages’ notifications, while users will still receive notifications if the user is silenced or flagged in a message. This can be disabled in a Discord server’s notification settings.

To silence someone on the Discord site, open Direct Messages and right-click on the person’s name. Move your mouse over or . in the pop-up menu Mudo and then choose how long the user should be silent. Users can be silenced for as little as 15 minutes or even permanently. To silence someone on a Discord server, right-click on your nesse server name and in the pop-up menu, click the checkbox next to Mudo† These are kept silent until the configuration is repeated. To silence someone in the mobile application, open Direct Messages and press and protect the person’s name above. No descriptive menu, select Silence the channel and then select the time period to silence this user discordia

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