How to block someone on WhatsApp

If the user does not want to receive messages or calls from a specific contact whatsapp, they can hold them. This can be for several reasons. For example, you may have a commercial account that sends spam to users every day. Alternatively, the user can receive a text message from an unknown number and resume the call. Whether for purpose or circumstance, WhatsApp allows users to block other accounts on the platform, including personal and commercial accounts.

WhatsApp recently launched Communities, a new resource that allows users to combine multiple groups into one large community. WhatsApp community admins can create new groups or add existing groups to a community. Admins also have access to send ads to all community groups at once and exclude messages sent by other users. Together with the community, WhatsApp will also increase the file transfer limit to 2 GB in the coming days.

It is worth embracing these resources, let’s talk about the WhatsApp contact block and click “Block”. In iOS, users need to open a contact’s profile, find the “Block Contact” option and select “Block” among the available options. Android and iOS users can also access Configurations > Accounts > Privacy > Blocked > Add new, more specific contacts to your block list.

Contacts cannot send text messages (including media files, such as photos or videos) to users, nor can users add voice or video names. Also, blocked contacts will not see the user’s profile picture, last visit, status updates or other changes to the profile. However, users should also note that once you block a WhatsApp contact, they will not be able to send text messages to that contact either. It is worth noting that when a user receives a message from an unknown number on WhatsApp, the application displays two options in the chat: “Block” and “Add”.

Blocking contacts is an easy way to send unsolicited or spam messages on WhatsApp. If users think they have found a malicious spam account, they can report the contact on WhatsApp. on these circumstances, whatsapp Get the last five posts from the news account to investigate the issue. Users can block the account by canceling it to avoid future messages. If at any time the user wants to unlock the contact, he or she can find the contact in the “Blocked” section in Configurations and tap “Unlock”.

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