Angle grinders (angle grinders) are versatile and common power tools. To perform various works (cutting, grinding), special circles are used. Whatever the type of wheel and its destination, sooner or later this consumable wears out and must be replaced. To do this, this power tool is equipped with a special key, thanks to which the clamping nut (flange) is unscrewed. In some cases, when the grinder needs to replace the disc, a special wrench for dismantling the clamping nut may not be at hand. How in this case, without using a wrench, replace the cutting wheel with an angle grinder?

Using a gas key

To disassemble the angle grinder clamping nut, you can use an ordinary gas wrench. To do this, they need to gently grasp the surface of the flange and begin to carefully unscrew it. At the same time, it should be noted that when using this hand tool, great efforts should not be applied when dismantling and unscrewing the flange. Otherwise, applying excessive force, there is a high risk of damaging the rotation lock of the angle grinder, as well as violating the integrity of the nut itself.

Dismantling the cutting wheel with an angle grinder using a chisel

Replace the circle on the grinder with a simple chisel. To do this, before starting work on dismantling the flange, a liquid called WD – 40 is applied to the spindle shaft.After 15 minutes after applying this liquid, you need to take a fine chisel and fasten its angled tip directly over the hole in the surface of the clamping nuts (flange). Then, with the help of a locksmith’s hammer, using a little effort, it is necessary to tap all the holes located on the flange with a chisel.

Through intense and weak tapping, it will gradually begin to unscrew. However, this method of disassembling the cutting wheel, which involves the use of a chisel, has a big drawback. If the chisel is not used carefully, the user may damage the flange of the angle grinder and damage the holes.

Heated nut

There is another way that allows you to quickly disassemble the angle grinder flange nut. For example, if when using a gas or specialized wrench, as well as a chisel, the flange cannot be unscrewed, then it should be slightly heated. In this case, you can use an autogenous or ordinary gas burner. Then, after the nut is heated, you need to try to unscrew it with a wrench or chisel.

In this case, when dismantling the flange, it is imperative to wear gloves so as not to burn your hands. It should be noted that of all the previously proposed non-traditional methods of replacing a disc on a grinder, this one is the most dangerous and risky. This is due to the fact that when the flange is heated, there is a high risk of overheating the bearings and the oil contained in the gearbox of the angle grinder.

To prevent the cutting wheel from jamming between the flanges, it is recommended to use special rubber washers. In extreme cases, such a washer can be made of thick cardboard or durable rubber. In addition, special quick-release nuts for angle grinders are sold on the market. When replacing the disc, they can be easily unscrewed with bare hands without using wrenches or other hand tools.

Angle grinders can only be equipped with discs whose diameter is suitable for the power tool. At the same time, when dismantling the wheel, as well as when working with the angle grinder, the user must observe the safety rules established by the manufacturer of the device. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the protective cover of the angle grinder for the subsequent installation of a large-diameter disc. When choosing a disk for replacement, it is recommended to pay attention to the indicators of the power level of the power tool, as well as the speed at which the spindle rotates.