How to change the wallpaper of the baton on WhatsApp

to exist whatsapp, users can change bate-papo wallpaper for individual and group bate-papos. Defining the wallpaper of the stick is very easy. Users can use this resource to distinguish conversations in a sticker. Since WhatsApp is used by different groups of people and for different purposes, it is a good idea to define different wallpapers from wall to paper. For example, a user can define a wooden wallpaper as an image of the workplace. By contrast, talking to friends and family can define group photos as wallpaper.

The instant messaging platform has many resources that allow users to personalize their bate-papo experience. For example, users can define different notification tones for individual and group messages. The touch for received names may also differ from the pattern configuration. Here is the most comprehensive resource, users can change the appearance of the selected application between bright or dark mode. WhatsApp undoubtedly uses the classic combination of colors White and green. In no way does WhatsApp naturally use tons of light and gray, which is more pleasing to the eye, especially in light-colored environments.

Change a specific Whatsapp wallpaper To chat, go to Conversation and tap the three-dot menu (Android) in the top right corner of the screen. In the suspension menu, Android users have to tap the “Wallpaper” option and choose between four different categories of wallpaper next to the screen. WhatsApp generates a view so that the user selects a wallpaper from the “Customer Wallpapers” menu. If users are happy with the look of their bats and wallpaper, they should click on “Define Wallpaper” in the lower part of the fabric. For those with an iPhone, tap your avatar in the top corner except canvas and tap “Wallpapers and Sounds”. On the next screen, the user can select a wallpaper, view it and click “Configurations” to put the wallpaper in place.

On Android and iOS, WhatsApp offers users four categories in which to choose bate-papo wall panels. On the customer’s wallpaper, the first menu displayed is “Bright”, which contains colored wallpaper. The second list of backgrounds is titled “Screw” and contains images with white or white as the main color. This option is ideal for those who use dark mode as the system theme on their smartphones. The third option allows users to choose solid heart as the basic plan of the WhatsApp stick. Finally, people can upload any image from your smartphone and define it as papyrus wallpaper.

If the user want to change the wallpaper of all bats, you need to open Configurations > Bate-papo > WallpaperChoose one of the four menus discussed above or load an image. This image will be reflected as a background on all bats in WhatsApp. Users can also change the background of the bats on WhatsApp. whatsapp Desktop on Windows or Mac, but to do this, the user can only choose a hard heart.

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