How to Check iCloud Mail Status for Problems

  1. Find out if iCloud isn’t working
  2. Report a problem with iCloud Mail
  3. Enter your email address

Find out if iCloud isn’t working

If iCloud Mail isn’t working – you may not be able to sign in, send or receive email, or be slow and erratic – check the status of your iCloud system before taking more drastic measures, such as resetting your email settings, force download from iCloud Mail page or factory reset your entire device. This will help determine whether the problem is with you or Apple, and in turn help you decide which path to take next. Here’s how to tell if the service is down.

  1. Open the Apple System Status page.

  2. Find iCloud email in the list.

  3. If the circle next to it is green, Apple is telling you that iCloud Mail is working fine from their side and should be fully available to you. If the link is blue, select it to learn more about a recent issue that caused iCloud email to stop working.

Report a problem with iCloud Mail

If your issue is not listed, please report it to Apple:

  1. Open the iCloud contact form.

  2. Enter your name and email address in the first two text fields.

    Enter your email address

    Entering an email address is optional, but Apple gives you the option to reply if they need more information or information to share.

  3. Put a one-line summary of the iCloud email problem in the field Subject .

  4. Select Type of feedback > mail .

  5. Specify as much detail as possible in the area Comments . List everything related to the problem: why do you think iCloud Mail isn’t working, what you’ve already tried, what you were doing when you saw the problem, and what you expected it not to be.

  6. Fill in the remaining fields in the feedback form and select Post a review .

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