An electric lawn mower is a great tool for mowing grass in the countryside. It requires a quality extension cord to operate. To prevent the cord from overheating and working for a long time, consider the basic rules for choosing electric products for lawn mowers. The characteristics of the models are described in this article.


  • a Land size
  • 2 Pluggable connection elements
  • 3 Max power
  • four Marking
  • 5 Product design

Land size

The choice must begin with the definition of the mowing area. The length of the extension cord should be sufficient to freely reach the most remote places.

Try to estimate the distance with the naked eye and, if in doubt, walk around the site measuring the length with a rope. By the results of measurements, add another 5 meters to perform maneuvers and overcome obstacles. Remember the result. Round it up to standard cable sizes (for example, 20, 40 or 60 meters).

Pluggable connection elements

The extension socket must:

  • comply with European standard and plug with 5mm pins,
  • be molded, rubberized, preferably with a higher ingress protection rating (e.g. IP44).

The cord should end in a single plug, otherwise it will be inconvenient to drag it across the grass.

It is necessary to choose models of extension cords with “grounding”. Economic options without contact with the “earth” are dangerous to use for mowing wet grass. The extension cord plug is inserted into a grounded household outlet.

Max power

This parameter is selected depending on the power of the mower. Study the technical characteristics of the tool and purchase an extension cord with a section:

  • 0.75 m² mm for low power equipment up to 1.5 kW,
  • 1.00 m² mm for mowers from 1.6 to 2.5 kW;
  • 1.5 m² mm for large lawn mowers with a power of 2.6-3.5 kW,
  • 2.5 m² mm for powerful devices with a consumption of up to 5.5 kW.

The thicker the cable, the more expensive it will be. Proper selection of thickness will help save money when buying and not violate safety requirements.


The model name is:

  • yarn type (for example, PVS or KG),
  • the presence or absence of grounding,
  • the number and section of the conductors (for example, PVA 3×1.5 or 2×0.75),
  • length,
  • protection class (if applicable).

The most reliable are extension cords with protection. IP44 markings come with wires with plugs that are immune to splashing water and debris larger than 1mm. If the extension cord is marked IP43, it can theoretically be used even in the rain.

PVA marked wires are designed for long term operation, harden in the cold and are available in various colors. Orange is the most popular. Extensions marked KG and KG-HL are usually black, flexible and last more than 4 years, but it is not recommended to leave them in the sun.

Product design

To prevent the yarn from becoming tangled or kinked, it is wound in one of the following ways:

  • on a bay or reel (the most economical option),
  • on a reel with a handle (there are plastic and metal structures).

The most expensive and reliable models have an overload protection button.

Coils with multi-position plugs are convenient to use. But to connect a lawnmower with a short wire, you will need an additional 5-10 meter wire. The characteristics of the short extension cord must also match the power of the power tool.

To mow the lawn, you need a quality tool and extension cord. Ordinary household appliances are not suitable for this. In order for the electric mower to mow well, the wires do not heat up and safety measures are observed, buy a special extension cord, do not work in the dew, and even more so in the rain.