Your favorite microwave oven has broken down, the pan does not turn in it because of a motor failure? A frequent malfunction, since modern engines are more often made of plastic, which reduces the overall cost of equipment, but negatively affects the quality of the product. Below we will analyze how to replace the motor yourself and what to look for when buying a new element.


  • a Cause of failure and troubleshooting
  • 2 Engine removal
  • 3 How to choose the right engine model
  • 4 How to make a replacement

Cause of failure and troubleshooting

The rotary motor of the microwave oven tray is the main part of the product. Its failure affects the full operation of the device, making its operation impossible.

The cause of the failure can be:

  • improper use (for example, too much mass of the delivered pan);
  • artificial braking of the rotary mechanism;
  • wear of main parts;
  • winding failure (open circuit or short circuit);
  • electrical breakdowns.

Regardless of the type of malfunction, it is possible to carry out repair work on your own, without the help of a specialist. It is only important to choose the right part and install it correctly in the oven.

Engine removal

Before buying a motor, it is necessary to remove the old one in order to establish its technical parameters.

No need to disassemble the entire microwave oven for this, just turn it over to access the technological window and the motor, which is most often located precisely in the lower part. To remove it, you will need a screwdriver and wire cutters to unscrew the mounting screws.

Dismantling takes place in the following order:

  • jumpers are bitten with wire cutters;
  • the window covering is removed;
  • the motor fixing screw is untwisted;
  • all the power terminals connected to it are disconnected;
  • the engine came out.

It is important to carry out all the steps carefully, then put the spare parts in one place without losing any of them.

How to choose the right engine model

According to the characteristics indicated on the defective part, you must be guided when choosing a new element:

  • visually inspect all forms of fasteners;
  • AC settings. There are: 220-240 V or 30 V, 21M;
  • set shaft speed: minimum 2.5 rpm, maximum 6 rpm.
  • nominal power – up to a maximum of 5 W.

The specified characteristics are enough to purchase the desired model of the motor that spins the pallet.

How to make a replacement

Installing a new motor is carried out in the same way as removing a faulty motor, through the technical window of the oven. Installation also does not require complete disassembly of the microwave.

The main thing is to correctly connect the electrical terminals, to securely fasten the motor mounts.

The connected winding can be checked using a multimeter. Using the device, an alternating current is measured. If the result obtained is 220-240 V, the resistance should be 19 kOhm, at least 13 kOhm. When the result of the study is one, it indicates a broken winding. You need to reconnect the system again.

When all the indicators are normal, the structure can be assembled in its original position and try to check the operation of the microwave oven.

By following simple steps, without additional preparation and without specific tools, you can repair the microwave oven yourself quickly and without additional costs.