More recently, the ability to sharpen knives, axes, shovels, and other cutting and stabbing tools was considered art. Today, any master who has the “correct” electric grinder in his arsenal can successfully cope with this function. In this article, users will find useful information about the main parameters of this equipment and find out what manufacturers of “chips” offer as additional options for a conventional sharpener.

main parameters

Currently, all electric grinders on the Russian market can be divided into three groups – household tools, semi-professional and professional machines. At the same time, the classic design of such equipment is extremely simple and consists of an electric motor, on the shaft of which one or more abrasive wheels are installed for coarse sharpening and fine finishing.

However, when choosing any type of electric grinder, there are several important nuances to consider, including:

  1. Power. It all depends on the operating conditions of the tool. For household needs, 150-200 watts is usually enough, and for professionals, models with motors capable of “producing” 400-600 watts are more suitable.
  2. The rapidity. The sharpening quality of the cutting edge depends on this parameter. After all, thin steel tools should be sharpened at low speeds to avoid overheating. For processing axes, shovels and other products made of more “coarse” materials, faster models (from 2000 rpm) are more suitable. Sharpening of carbide parts occurs at speeds up to 15,000 rpm.
  3. Circle size. This parameter directly depends on the diameter of the seat. If in the household there are usually enough machines designed to use circles with a diameter of 120-160 mm and a width of 20-50 mm, then on professional equipment emery sizes can reach 400 mm. At the same time, small tools (chisels, knives, etc.) are sharpened on small fine-grained discs, and large tools (axes, shovels, etc.) require processing on relatively coarse and coarse-grained abrasives. wide.
  4. Number of disks. At home, two circles are usually sufficient for primary processing and final finishing. This kit can be supplemented with a special brush for pre-cleaning the surfaces of parts and parts.
  5. Reliability of fixing a disk. The “beating” of the disc significantly reduces the quality of sharpening and reduces the life of the consumable and the machine itself.
  6. Sustainability. Here, special attention should be paid to the weight of the bed and the presence of reliable fastening elements.
  7. Protection. Today, even budget models are usually equipped with a stand with an accent that can be adjusted to a certain angle of inclination, a protective screen, workplace lighting and a special bath for metal cooling.

Additional chips

Today, the domestic market offers consumers not only high-speed electric grinders of classic design, but also other types of grinding machines.

Grinding and sharpening devices. A feature of this emery is an abrasive strip that replaces one of the discs. The device is useful, because it allows you to achieve perfect sharpening of the cutting part of any tool and significantly expands the functionality of the unit. However, the tape wears out quickly. Therefore, experts advise to put it on only before use.

Universal machines are suitable for sharpening any tool. Most often, such devices are used in home conditions, since they have a small power, which is not enough for professional work. But these devices have special windows for sharpening knives, drills, scissors, etc. Therefore, even beginners can successfully handle such devices, unless, of course, they carefully read the instructions for use.

Professional and semi-professional devices are characterized by high power and are designed to solve narrow-profile tasks, including sharpening saw chains, cutters, drills and other tools.

Angled emery design allows you to hone cutting edges for perfect sharpness. After all, one of the emery of this device is tilted relative to the motor. Therefore, the torque is supplied to this disc through a reducer. In addition, at the bottom of this disc there is usually a water bath so that the blade does not overheat when sharpening.

A separate category can be distinguished from machines combined with an engraving device instead of one of the discs, which is connected to the motor by means of a flexible shaft and, together with nozzles, is suitable not only for engraving, but also for cleaning, sharpening and grinding a variety of workpieces and parts.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that buying an electric sharpener only for sharpening knives does not make sense, because ordinary knife sharpeners do an excellent job with this job. To perform simple household chores, an inexpensive, low-power multi-function grinder will suffice. Well, semi-professional and professional emery are more suitable for daily use.