The choice of a tractor model begins with the study of the engine brand. The performance and performance of garden equipment depends on the power and type of fuel. This article talks about three important criteria that are recommended to pay attention to before buying garden equipment.

Gasoline or diesel

Owners of multifunctional tractors are advised to install gasoline engines on low-power equipment, which require no more than 12 horsepower to operate. This power is sufficient for plowing and cultivating the soil in the garden, for snow removal in the area, as well as for transporting small loads, firewood and hay.

Gasoline engines are filled with AI-92 gasoline. Cheaper fuel is not recommended.

Diesel engines are used on powerful tractors and are suitable for installation on heavy mini-equipment requiring more than 10 horsepower. Diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline brands. From this point of view, it is more profitable and economical.

Generally, diesel engines are more durable and reliable than conventional gasoline engines. They are easier to maintain and less likely to break.

national or foreign

In Russia, engines are produced exclusively for heavy agricultural tractors. There is no need to search for household mini-equipment with our motors. They are equipped with Chinese, Japanese, German or American engines.

Foreign models, as a rule, are not bad. They are made of stainless steel, cast iron or brass. Before launching a new production line, tests are carried out, production control is carried out and a guarantee is provided to customers.

Foreign engines are adapted to Russian climatic conditions, they do not fail even in freezing conditions, since they were developed taking into account operation in Russia.

Many owners of domestic tractors are accustomed to the presence of Chinese spare parts in Russian equipment. Customers trust these brands. Many specifically look for tractors with trouble-free German engines or prefer budget American models.


Engine power is the main parameter that you should pay attention to when choosing mini-equipment for home gardening.

According to the power, all motors are divided into types:

  • standard: up to 16 horsepower, which is enough to treat small suburban and rural areas,
  • medium: 16 to 20 horsepower; such equipment is multifunctional and suitable for processing areas of several hectares, for transporting heavy loads and suitable for clearing snow from country roads,
  • powerful 20-25 horsepower engines are ideal for small agricultural machines that are plowed a lot, often on slopes, hook additional equipment on them and even turn them into small bulldozers or loaders.
You cannot save by choosing equipment with a low-power engine for large volumes of work. Due to excessive loads, the mini-tractor will quickly fail or begin to fail constantly.

Some buyers prefer to overpay for electricity to guarantee not to break the equipment, which leads to unreasonable investments.

Competent calculation of volumes, frequency of tractor operation and seasonality of use will help the owner of a mini-tractor to optimally select a model, as well as determine engine power. Before buying, it is recommended to read reviews on the Internet and familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of a particular model.