How To Choose Paper For Printing DIY Award Certificates?

There are several factors to consider when applying for a price certificate. Not only do you need to pick the right words, choose the right fonts, and choose a certificate template, but the paper you will be using should be chosen wisely.

The choice of paper type used to issue the certificate depends on both the desired paper type and the size of the award. Plain paper is great, especially if you use a nice border or frame. But always choose good quality paper.

Universal docs are good for school reports and drafts, but may be too thin and not clear enough to justify your design. To dress up your certificate a little more, consider parchment or other patterned paper. Bond paper should be light enough so that your text has enough contrast.

Also, darker paper or something with a strong pattern can interfere too much with the images and colors you use for text and graphics. Thin-laid or linen paper can add elegance to your certificate without overwhelming the design.

Most of these documents have a font size of 8.5 x 11 inches, which is the general size of the certificate. For smaller certificates, print multiple copies per page and cut them out individually. If your printer can handle 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper, you can definitely expand your paper choices and get some really nice template-based certificates.

  1. Parchment
  2. Linen and Stacked Finishing Paper
  3. Granite and stone paper finish
  4. Graphic paper


This parchment paper is lightly colored and will not affect your text and images. Use them borderless or print your own borders.

  • Southworth parchment paper in gold, blue, ivory and other light colors

  • Staedtler calligraphy parchment paper

  • Neenah Astroparche Papers

  • Scrapbooking parchment paper and 65 lb letter size 12 x 12 cardstock type

Linen and Stacked Finishing Paper

Linen and stacked finish of stationery and resumes are good certificates

  • Southworth linen sheets in white, ivory, gray and other light colors with 25% cotton

  • Neenah Royal Linen paper, white, ivory and other colours, acid free

  • Unfolded finishing papers from Southworth, Eaton and others, white, ivory, gray, about 25 percent cotton

Granite and stone paper finish

Try some granite or other finished stone for a visually heavier look.

  • Granite paper in white, ivory and other light colors, some with 25 percent cotton

  • Geography Marble Gray Stationery

Graphic paper

Letterhead with printed margins can also serve as paper certificates. Not all designs will work well in landscape, but there’s no rule that certificates can’t be in portrait mode. If the theme works, use it.

  • Masterpiece Studio Stationery with a variety of borders and patterns

  • Great Papers stationery with images, borders and background images

  • Geography parchment paper with printed certificates in different colors

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