Driving safety depends on the cleanliness of the windscreen. Counterfeiting can threaten not only the technical serviceability of the car, but also the health of the driver. On the other hand, is there a difference between expensive funds for 500 rubles and cheaper funds. Let’s see how to choose a high-quality antifreeze fluid for the windshield washer reservoir.

The composition of antifreeze

The composition of the antifreeze liquid includes:

  1. Alcohol. Serves as a cleaning agent, responsible for antifreeze properties. The value of the maximum operating temperature depends on the quantity in the agent.
  2. The water. Acts as a solvent. When diluting concentrated formulations, distilled or chilled boiled water is used.
    surfactants. Responsible for removing stubborn dirt.
  3. Tinctures. They indicate the technical destination of the product.
  4. Aromas.

Until the end of the last century, three types of alcohol were used in the manufacture of glasswashers: ethyl, methyl and isopropyl. But by resolution n° 4 of 25.05. 2000 Chief Sanitary Physician, the production, import and sale of non-frozen liquids based on methyl alcohol are prohibited in Russia. Not because the intended use can somehow harm the driver and passengers, but because of the “low culture” of the people. And although methyl alcohol is still used without restriction in industry as a solvent (including in the production of antifreeze), now only ethyl or isopropyl antifreeze is sold.

counterfeit signs

Counterfeiting is bad because the declared properties do not correspond to the real ones. With windshield washer fluid, this will manifest itself in the fact that it freezes and clogs the jets or nozzles. Criteria that can prevent you from buying a counterfeit product:

  1. Packaging quality. The plastic in the container should be durable and hold its shape. As a rule, ready-made compositions of well-known brands are packed in convenient boxes with a handle, and some of them come with an additional nozzle for pouring the product into the neck of the tank.
  2. Information. The printing must be clear, the letters and numbers must be legible without ambiguity. If the label is printed on paper, it should be free of wrinkles and tears. The following elements must be indicated: manufacturer, legal address, batch number, date of manufacture, instructions for use.
  3. Smell/price. Ethyl alcohol formulations are virtually odorless except for the scent of the perfume, but are expensive. Compositions based on isopropyl alcohol have a pungent smell, which is not always masked by the aroma, but are much cheaper. For reference, hand sanitizers are made from the same alcohols, and they differ in the same way: price and smell. If the antifreeze liquid is inexpensive and there is no pungent smell, it is a counterfeit based on methyl alcohol.
  4. Sediment. The presence of particles, “flakes” at the bottom indicates poor quality.
  5. Mousse. If a small layer of foam forms when shaking the canister, then the composition is of good quality. A lack of foam or too large a layer indicates poor quality.

Tips for selection and application

Recommendations on how to avoid getting counterfeit products are simple:

  • Acquire well-known brands from domestic or foreign manufacturers.
  • Use only proven points of sale, where permits and certificates are available.
  • Pay attention to compliance with the operating conditions and characteristics indicated on the packaging.
  • When choosing a concentrate for the further manufacture of an antifreeze liquid with your own hands, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the ratio of volume fractions for the maximum expected air temperature.

And in order not to overpay, you need to buy domestic glasswashers – they are the same in composition and efficiency as imported counterparts, but they are cheaper. And also choose compounds based on isopropyl alcohol, which are also safe and successfully perform their purpose.