Housewives know well that until recently, cleaning carpets was a painful and thankless job. After all, this process took and still takes a long time, during which you need to scrub all the stains by hand using a regular brush, water and some kind of detergent. It takes a lot of physical effort. Therefore, it is very disappointing when stains reappear on the cleanest surface of the carpet, which may be the result of its own negligence, the pranks of a playful baby or the consequences of the unintended actions of a pet.

Fortunately, modern technology has arrived in this domestic sphere. Therefore, today you can clean the carpet with a washing vacuum cleaner, which greatly simplifies this hard work. The problem is that buying such a “miracle of technology” just to clean the carpet once or twice a year is quite expensive. Therefore, household “kulibins” thought and suggested replacing the washing vacuum cleaner with a conventional mower, which is several times cheaper and can be used for its intended purpose during long breaks between major cleanings.

Do you like this idea? Then you first need to work a little to assemble a special nozzle yourself. We go to any hardware store and buy there three of the most ordinary rectangular brushes for clothes (preferably without handles). We go to the tools department, where we get: a three-blade brushcutter for a trimmer, six flat-head bolts with a slot for a screwdriver, as well as a tap for threading or six nuts. In addition, you will need a drill, a drill and a measuring tool.

The assembly of this interesting homemade product takes place according to the following scheme:

  1. Two holes should be drilled on each blade of the brushcutter disc. Special precision is not required here, but breaking the alignment is not recommended. Therefore, you need to drill holes not “by eye”, but after marking.
  2. We drill holes on the brushes in the same way.
  3. We connect the brushes to the blades of the discs using bolts (the head should be on the bristle side) and nuts. Nuts can be excluded from this design if you first take a tap and cut the threads into each hole in the disc.
  4. We check the homemade centering and proceed to the tests.

This is how it is easy and simple to assemble a special nozzle for a trimmer, with which you can wipe all stains from the carpet in a few “passes”.