How to clean up recent Snapchat (searches, conversations, etc.)

Snapchat always remember everything you do in the application including your conversations, recent searches etc. Do you really want to make a quick reference to something that is not working in the app but want to clean up your Recents page and all your other activity on Snapchat? Embora may not be immediately obvious, there are tools to help with this.

This is a common problem with Snapchat. On the one hand, all the features in the application are impressive. It is an application that allows you to send photos/videos to friends, make group calls, view contacts on a virtual map, watch TikTok type videos and play with AR filters. And that’s just leveling the surface. ha um loads of being on Snapchat, and as exciting as all your resources can be, it can be a disappointment to find something very specific.

It’s a matter of knowing how to clean up the Recents page on Snapchat. When you search for something on Snapchat, this search activity is prominently displayed on the search page. This can be filters, programs, games and contacts you are looking for. It’s useful to facilitate a later reference, but you don’t want to find these recent searches? Fortunately, Snapchat is easy enough to clean up this recent page. Open the Snapchat app, tap the search icon in the top left corner and tap the “Clean All” button next to the “Recent” section at the top of the screen. Then tap the fifth “Clean” button in the popup that appears. This is how the Recents page disappears and all your search history disappears! All new searches are repeated on the Recent page, but you can go back and clean as many times as you want.

But the recent searches you can clean up on Snapchat are not limited to. Snapchat also lets you clean up recent screens, conversations, cameo selfies, etc. These tools are also easy to use – they just require more research to find. After opening the Snapchat app, tap the icon on your profile in the top left corner, tap the settings icon in the top right corner and flip the page until you see the “Account Settings” section.

From there on, you’ll find a number of different ways to clean up your recent activity on Snapchat. When you tap “Clean Conversations,” Snapchat will show you a list of all your ongoing conversations. Tap the ‘X’ icon next to a conversation, tap the ‘Clean’ button in the popup and Snapchat will clear your feed. The conversation in si is not excluded, but Snapchat is removing it from its battle page so you don’t see anymore.

The other ‘Clean’ options on the Account Options page are self-explanatory. Snapchat has tools to clean up your search history, noise history, speech noise history, and much more. Tap each category you want to clean, tap the ‘Clean’ button in the popup and that’s all you have to do. Don’t forget to do the above and you will clean up your recent files Snapchat never.

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