Tesla CEO Elon Musk dreams of launching global satellite communications around the world and plans to connect 500,000 users to his Starlink in 2022. He dreams of the internet appearing in the mountains, Alaska and even the colonies the most remote, where electricity has not yet been installed. If you’re ready to join the group of beta testers and pay $100 a month for satellite internet, be sure to sign up at starlink.com, make a deposit, and wait your turn.

What is Starlink

In January 2015, the American inventor and millionaire Elon Musk presented to the public his grandiose project to provide everyone on planet Earth with an accessible Internet.

In 2019, the SpaceX team began forming a network of satellites and launched 28 trenches of 60 satellites into low Earth orbit. And now more than 1,700 small Starlinks are circling above us (the information is relevant for July 2022) at an altitude of 550 km.

In March 2020, the company received a license for 1 million user terminals, which should be sold to private buyers to establish communication with satellites. Six months later, mass testing of Internet communications began. The first consumers were Americans and Canadians. They purchased the equipment for $499 per set with a monthly payment of $99.

Now the Starlink network is in test mode, so its use is limited. The data transfer rate is 50-150 Mb / s, there are delays of 20-40 ms and short-term data transmission failures. SpaceX programmers are working on the quality of communication and constantly expanding the network coverage area.

How to Connect to Starlink in Russia

To use satellite Internet, you must:

  1. sign in to starlink.com;
  2. create an account by indicating your address;
  3. order a set of Starlink equipment, wait for a confirmation letter;
  4. pay the cost of the equipment;
  5. wait for information about the estimated delivery time.

Estimated order confirmation time is 2-3 weeks. The supplier undertakes to send an information letter if the buyer’s address is outside the coverage area, and to ensure that they are notified when the service becomes available in the area.

After receiving the kit, you must:

  1. unpack the equipment;
  2. read the instructions;
  3. assemble the antenna, install it on a tripod in the open air, make sure that the design is reliable and fix the tripod legs with bolts (if necessary);
  4. insert the cable plug into the cable connector and connect the antenna to the power source;
  5. make sure that the antenna is working (two white lights should light up on the power supply, and the signal transmission dish should face the sky);
  6. download the Starlink app to your smartphone from the AppStore or Google Play;
  7. find a name for the home network, set a password and enter this data in the settings of the mobile application;

It will take about 10-20 minutes for the system to find the optimal antenna tilt and establish a reliable connection with the satellites. After paying for monthly connection services, you can use satellite Internet.

When choosing access to the global network, residents of megacities and large cities have many options and providers. But for those living in the outback, Elon Musk’s Internet may be the only way to get online. The main thing is to have a sufficient budget, because not all Russian citizens will be able to pay $499 for equipment, and then another $99 per month.