There are situations when a person needs to connect two pieces of pipe together. If he’s in town at the time, just walk to the nearest hardware store or call the master at home. The situation changes when repairs need to be carried out in nature, for example, in the countryside. In this case, improvised materials and ingenuity come to the rescue.

Necessary material

To connect two sections of pipe, it is not necessary to use industrial sealants. Using a plastic bottle, an old bicycle inner tube and a hair dryer, the pipes can be combined in less than half an hour.


Additional equipment you will need:

  • stationery knife;
  • the scissors;
  • glue;
  • degreaser.

Work process

Connecting two plastic pipes in this way will not cause difficulties. Just follow the instructions:

  1. First you need to prepare the bottle. It is recommended to take containers with a volume of not more than one and a half liters. Carefully cut the neck and bottom with a clerical knife.
  2. Next, we cut two identical rectangular-shaped pieces of the bicycle chamber with scissors. Their value depends on the diameter of the pipes that we are going to connect.
  3. The ends of the hose are degreased with gasoline or cologne. To do this, moisten a cloth or towel and carefully wipe the ends at a distance of 10-15 cm.
  4. Next, you need to apply glue inside the camera parts. They are superimposed on the pipe at a distance of 3-5 cm from the edge. The adhesive that has come out must be carefully removed with a towel or a piece of cloth. Structures should have time to harden until the moment when it will be impossible to move the rubber from its place.
  5. After that, the ends of both pipes are inserted into the bottle and evenly distributed over the surface.
  6. At the last stage, we take a hair dryer and turn it on at maximum power, directing a stream of air over the plastic. After a while, the bottle, under the influence of high temperature, should be deformed and evenly distributed. Rubber pads will prevent the plastic from sliding off the surface during operation. If you don’t have a hair dryer handy, you can use a boiling water kettle as an alternative. In this case, the junction of the pipes is supplied under a jet of steam that comes out of the “spout” when boiling water.

This method is not recommended for connecting pipes of a fixed water supply. The thin plastic of a bottle may not withstand pressure. However, the method is considered indispensable when repairing or installing a country irrigation system.