How to Copy Windows 11 Snap Layouts on MacOS

O mac computer has internal Windows management tools and while it is quite limited compared to what is possible in Windows 11, there are several applications that can avoid gaps. To be fair, the most recent version of macOS allows for major improvements with a little window customization. It’s hard to understand why Apple isn’t doing more.

The Mac is much more flexible than an iPad or iPhone, which are controlled in a fairly simple way. This is suggested as Apple views its mobile devices as devices rather than computers, keeping the user interface design consistent for ease of use and reliable operation. A Mac computer is for anyone looking for more power and flexibility, with some careful thought going into the edges. For example, apps can be downloaded and installed from the Internet, not just from the App Store. User interface controls and system operations can be significantly modified by third-party applications.

Recently released on Apple’s Mac App Store, BetterSnapTool costs only US$3, much better the organization of the windows, allowing for quick and intuitive layouts. This powerful utility encloses windows in vertical dividers drawn for a board, opening four-dimensional frames when moved for a corner or on fabric when placed in the top center. The gestures yield a result that is easy to understand that the logo is part of muscle memory. It’s much more convenient than the macOS window controls that Apple should actually consider buying the rights and implementing this resource natively. Com BetterSnapTool, window movements and layouts can be adjusted, and keyboard settings can be assigned to manage windows while keeping hands on the keyboard. It is a revolutionary application that provides instant access to two, three and four window layouts on macOS. Of course there are other solutions, such as the popular Magnetic app that costs just over $8.

Apple’s suggested window customization for the Mac isn’t all that great, but it just seems incomplete compared to the most robust options available in BetterSnapTool ou Magnetic applications. The windows can be split vertically by clicking and pinning the green button, but in the top corner except one window until a menu appears. The single options are open or a vertical division of two windows.

The block option is good if only two applications need to be used at once, after school Side-by-side window to remove dust do just this and ask the user to select a window to edit with thumbnails of the available windows. It is also possible to start with a direct block. So long mac does not provide an internal way to use three or four divisions as Windows 11 provides, users can contact third-party applications to help.

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