How to create a mailing list on WhatsApp

whatsapp The mailing list allows users to simultaneously send messages to several people on their contact list. There are multiple channels where it is necessary to send the same message to many people on WhatsApp. For example, the message could relate to the progress of an event in a group, the location of a birthday party, or simply an update on news that affects many people. It allows users to do this manually, with time and effort. It is here that the WhatsApp mailing lists come in and save the day.

WhatsApp’s rival, Telegram, also has a similar source. It is called wire channels. Essentially, Telegram channels are WhatsApp broadcasting lists, but with more flexibility. For example, users can add a limited number of users to Telegram channels. However, with fewer participants, WhatsApp mailing lists are easy to manage. Creating a WhatsApp message list is relatively easy – users can do it with just a few clicks.

Whatsapp explores the resource as a one-to-many communication tool to provide updates and create advertisements. But WhatsApp Groups too, so what’s the difference? When an administrator sends a message to a mailing list or to a group, it appears as a sender message in the recipient’s drop-down list. However, when members respond to a dispatch, it is only visible to the admin at the bottom. In this way, the members of a WhatsApp delivery list cannot communicate with each other, unlike the two WhatsApp groups. Also, users can add up to 256 contacts to a mailing list.

To create a WhatsApp mailing list on Android, open the app and tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the screen. Then select “New Send” from the suspension menu, which also includes the option to create a WhatsApp group. Then add the necessary contacts. When you’re done, tap the verification sign in the lower right corner of the fabric. He will create a mailing list that will appear in the batter section. Users can also rename an Indonesian mailing list for info about the mailing list > three-dot menu > rename the mailing list. On the other hand, iPhone users can create a mailing list by clicking “Mailings” at the top of the battery pack section and follow similar steps.

After users create a mailing list, it stays in the baton section. Members of a delivery list receive updates as text messages in the bate-papo section. Users can also add or remove participants from a distribution list. To rule out one whatsapp mailing list, administrators must access the information area by touching the name in the top area, except the fabric, and tapping “Exclude mailing list” in the bottom area of ​​the fabric. The process is very similar with the exception of messages or conversations on WhatsApp.

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