How to Create a Yahoo! mail

If you receive a lot of emails, chances are your inbox is full. The sheer volume of business emails, invoices, spam, subscriptions, and notifications can be crippling — not to mention Aunt Thelma’s diverted jokes.

Fortunately, Yahoo! Mail can automatically group incoming emails based on criteria you set, moving them to folders you create, your archives, or even the trash. Here’s how to automatically sort all incoming messages before you see them.

  1. Create an inbox rule in Yahoo! mail
  2. Yahoo! Examples of email filtering rules
  3. Still using Yahoo! Classic email?

Create an inbox rule in Yahoo! mail

  1. Select gear icon settings in the top right corner of your Yahoo inbox.

  2. Select Additional Settings from the pop-up menu.

  3. You will be directed to the page Settings at Yahoo. Find and select a tab Filters From the left.

  4. On the tab Filters Click Add new filters In chapter Your filters .

  5. Fill in the form that appears on the right. (See examples below.)

To edit an existing filter, follow the same procedure, but instead of selecting Add new filters click on the filter you want to change Your filters . Then change the criteria as desired.

Yahoo! Examples of email filtering rules

You can sort your email in an infinite number of ways. Here are some typical email filters:

  • From a specific sender: enter this person’s email address in the field By so that the line contains From contains [email protected] ; make sure matchcase is unchecked.
  • Shipped to one of your alternate addresses. Enter this address To CC .
  • From the mailing list that always comes with “[List]» in subject : enter “[List]” in the field topic so the rule says that Subject contains [List ] .
  • Marked as “urgent” in the subject line . Set the filter so that Topic started with [Срочно] .
  • Not shipped to you as a direct recipient . In line To CC read To/CC not specified [email protected] .

In each of these cases, you then specify the folder where you want Yahoo! move the letter.

Still using Yahoo! Classic email?

The procedure is almost the same. The settings are under the gear icon ( Settings > Filters ).

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