How to create and manage your tasks in Gmail

Is Gmail open all day? Did you know that Gmail includes a powerful task manager that you can use to keep track of your tasks or create simple lists? You can also associate to-do list items with their respective emails, so you no longer have to search for that email with everything you need to know to complete a task.

  1. Get started with tasks in Gmail
  2. Create a new task
  3. Set date and time
  4. Add subtasks
  5. Complete task
  6. Delete task

Get started with tasks in Gmail

By default, the to-do list in Gmail is hidden behind a menu, but you also have the option to open it in the lower-right corner of your Gmail screen, or you can collapse it to the right when it’s on the go.

  1. Open your Gmail inbox.

  2. Note the thin strip of icons at the bottom right of the screen.

  3. Choose an icon that looks like Finch .

  4. A new section will open in the far right corner. Select Start of work At the bottom.

  5. The sub-window changes and you enter the main task screen.

Create a new task

  1. Click Add task .

  2. The new task appears immediately below. Enter the name of your task there.

  3. If that’s all you need, you’re done. The task has been created. However, most people would like more. Find pencil icon to the right of the new task and select it.

  4. The screen will scroll, allowing you to edit every aspect of your job. You can add notes, set the date and time, categorize them, and even add subtasks for multi-stage projects.

  5. When you’re done, click arrow back in the top left corner of the screen.

You can also create an email-related task and make the tasks subtasks (or dependencies) of other tasks. You can also set up multiple to-do lists to organize your activities in even more detail.

Set date and time

  1. Select pencil edit icon for your task.

  2. On the edit screen, press Add date/time .

  3. Use the calendar to choose a date when you need to complete the task.

  4. Click Choose time . Use the time selection menu to select the time for your task to be completed.

  5. If your task is repetitive, select To repeat .

  6. If you are satisfied, choose: Okay .

Add subtasks

  1. Select pencil icon at your task.

  2. Select from the edit screen Add subtasks .

  3. A new space will appear where you can enter a subtask. Add subtasks will go down.

  4. Click again Add subtasks to create a new subtask entry.

  5. To complete a subtask, select circle to the left of her name to mark it.

  6. To delete a subtask, delete the subtask name. Then press . again backspace in an empty task.

Complete task

  1. Find a circle to the left of the task you want to complete.

  2. Move your mouse over a circle . You will see it switch to a check mark.

  3. Click check to mark the task as completed.

  4. The completed task is moved to the screen. Use down arrow Near Completed to show completed tasks.

  5. There, in the section Completed you’ll see completed tasks with a check mark to the left and a line through it.

  6. Hover over a completed task and select the icon trash can icon to remove it.

Delete task

  1. Click pencil icon to edit the task you want to delete.

  2. Find trash can icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Select bin to delete the task.

  4. Once your task is deleted you will see an option Cancel delete, which appears at the bottom of the window for a few seconds.

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