Planks are necessary materials for construction work. If they are not there, you can make them yourself by sawing a log. But if you have just started to master the basics of the construction trade, such a responsible company seems impossible. If you consider yourself a beginner and don’t know how easy it is to cut logs with a chainsaw, this article is for you.


  • a Chainsaw accessories
  • 2 sawing technique along
  • 3 Cross sawing technique
  • four Don’t forget about safety

Chainsaw accessories

To ensure high quality cuts, special attention should be paid to the nozzles. Its choice will depend on the volume and type of sawing work. Typically, such nozzles are used.

  1. Nozzle for ripping. It is designed to cut wood horizontally. The nozzle is attached to the tire and allows you to cut boards that do not differ in thickness. After being cut, they are dried and only after that they can be used in construction work.
  2. The lightweight nozzle can be used to create planks, such as fences. The nozzle on the tire in this case is fixed on one side.
  3. The rounding agent is used if you need to remove the bark. This element is fixed with straps.

Having correctly selected the nozzle, you can start working with a chainsaw.

sawing technique along

For a beginner, longitudinal sawing seems difficult. Indeed, the most important, responsible and difficult stage of work is the first cut. The quality of the boards and the subsequent result of construction work will depend on this.

For the first cut to be regular and free of defects, it is recommended:

  • securely install the main ruler;
  • put a log on the supports, fasten it tightly;
  • check if the log is level;
  • fix the main ruler on the brackets, using self-tapping screws for this.

Only after that you can saw the log. The chainsaw should be moved smoothly, avoiding sudden movements.

Cross sawing technique

This type of sawing is used if you need to cut a log for firewood or create decorative elements. There are such rules for sawing.

  1. The log is placed horizontally on supports. It should be at a height of 50 cm.
  2. In this position, a complete cleaning of the log from the bark is carried out.
  3. On a log, make marks at equal distances.
  4. According to the marks created, the beam is sawn into the necessary fragments. Special devices are not required for this.

Don’t forget about safety

Working with a chainsaw requires special observance of safety rules. Here are some simple rules to avoid accidents:

  1. Before turning on the chainsaw for the first time, read the instructions carefully.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to work with tools while intoxicated.
  3. The saw is held with two hands. So you can provide a strong and stable grip, control the movement of the tool, maintain the position of the saw during the kickback.
  4. You need to make sure there are no oil residues on your hands. This weakens the grip.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to cut logs with a defective or insufficiently assembled saw.
  6. During work, there should be no children or animals nearby.
  7. Do not use the chainsaw on unstable surfaces.
  8. Do not cut at shoulder level or with outstretched arms: this increases the risk of injury.
Following these recommendations improves work productivity and reduces the risk of accidents.

Sawing logs into boards, subject to the rules, is not as difficult as it seems. To obtain even boards, it is important to place the logs precisely and precisely, to take measurements carefully. To ensure that the work does not end in an accident, it is necessary to observe safety rules.