Each owner of a private house and cottage sooner or later has to carry out earthworks, lay trenches for electrical cables, water supply or sewage on his site. Experienced diggers try to mechanize their hard work as much as possible with the help of special knives, jackhammers, drills and perforators. The first three positions in this list can be safely assigned to special, and therefore expensive, equipment. But today, almost every home master has a digger who, if desired and urgently needed, can master the craft of a digger.

Is it possible to dig with a perforator

The answer to this question literally lies on the surface. In any movie about miners or miners, there are shots where laborers use jackhammers to dig giant tunnels underground. A similar tool is used by road builders, opening the asphalt surface of highways in order to make “spot” repairs or lay communications. Do not be left behind and builders who use this tool to solve a variety of problems.

The drill is essentially the same jackhammer. True, it works not only in shock mode, but also in drill mode. Both tools are used to solve various problems, including the laying of communications in residential buildings. At the same time, the drill significantly surpasses the jackhammer in terms of hunting accuracy, which is very important when digging fairly narrow trenches, and is inferior to its competitor in terms of the working resource in the shock mode.

How to dig a trench with a perforator

In fact, everything is very simple here:

  • we make the marking of the future trench;
  • we take a perforator and transfer it to the shock mode of operation;
  • we turn on the tool and begin to dig the ground, throwing loose soil with a shovel.

In this case, you can use a standard drill or homemade nozzles.

It is not recommended to use a perforator for laying trenches with large volumes of earthwork.

But in everyday life, this power tool successfully replaces a jackhammer and greatly facilitates the digging of the earth, especially with special nozzles that you can do with your own hands in just a few minutes.