How to disable 2-Step Verification for

Simplify logging into trusted devices

Setting up two-step verification is a smart way to keep your account safe. However, for devices that are only used by you, you can turn off 2-step verification to speed up access to your email messages. On these trusted devices you will be logged in once with your password and code; after that you only log in with a password. If a trusted device is lost, use any browser to revoke this easy access.

The instructions in this article apply to

Disable 2-Step Verification for for a specific device

To prevent your computer or mobile device from requiring two-step verification every time you open

  1. Open a browser on the device you want to authorize so that two-step verification is not required and go to

  2. On screen Entrance enter your email address (or its alias), then select Further

    If you are automatically signed in to, select the icon Profile and choose Log out

  3. On screen enter password enter your password.

  4. Select if desired I want to stay logged in. The device will be removed from 2-Step Verification whether you select I want to stay logged in

  5. Select Enter or click on Enter

  6. On screen Verify your identity select the method (text, phone, or email) you want to use to receive the verification code.

  7. Depending on the method you choose, enter your phone number or email address to verify you are the account owner, then select: Login code

  8. On screen Enter a code enter the two-step verification code you received via email, text, phone call, or Microsoft authentication app

  9. Check box Don’t ask me anymore on this device

  10. Select To confirm

When you sign in to your account on this device in the future, enter your password, but not your two-step verification code. If your account has been inactive for more than 60 days, 2-Step Verification is automatically enabled on your device and you will need a code the next time you log in.

If the device is lost or you suspect someone has access to your device, revoke all permissions granted to trusted devices.

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