How to disable GPS on Android and keep the location secret

GPS is like his android phone finds and uses its location to provide information about climate, map and other applications, but want to turn off GPS and keep the location secret? Embora may not be a priority for everyone, digital privacy is important for everyone to consider. From creating stronger signatures, using two-factor authentication when available, or paying little attention to the applications you download, there are several practical ways to protect your online presence.

Another thing to consider is your phone’s GPS. By the way, there is nothing wrong with the GPS. It’s a custom resource that I see on all phones these days. It allows you to get directions on Google Maps, see where the DoorDash driver is near you, see the climate in your current area, etc. GPS has many legal uses, but still you can have times when you want GPS in -/Switch off.

The easiest way to disable GPS on Android is to find the alternative in the quick settings. Double click on the top under the fabric to see the full quick setup menu. Once opened, find the “Location” button and tap it. It immediately disables all location/GPS access on your phone. A message will be displayed that reads: “Device location for all applications is disabled and you should not be able to find your device if you have lost it.” Tap the ‘Close’ button in the popup to unlock it and now you can use your phone without GPS functionality.

Turning off GPS for all your Android phones is the quickest and easiest solution, but perhaps not the most practical. Some people may want to disable GPS sources for most applications on their phones, but keep them enabled for their climate and navigation applications. If so, it’s best to disable GPS for specific applications on your Android phone. See how to do this:

  • Open the Configurations application on your phone.
  • Scroll below and tap “Location.”
  • Tap on ‘Application permissions’.

This will show a list of applications for which GPS is always allowed, only allowed while in use or not. Tap one of the apps with GPS access, tap the “Don’t Allow” button, and tap the Back button in the top left corner. You can customize GPS access for all applications on your Android phone, so you can choose where GPS is and isn’t allowed.

Last but not least, you can also configure Google Location Services on your Android phone. While this isn’t technically GPS, it uses internet and Bluetooth connections on your phone to track location this way. On the same location page, in the Configurations application, tap “Location Services” and view the different services available. There are options for Emergency Location Service, Google Location History etc. Most people will probably be reluctant to leave these settings as they are, but turning off the GPS is not available. android phone isn’t enough, it’s a step you can take to protect your location.

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