When driving somewhere far away, and also alone, a car radio will come in handy, which will accompany you at least the whole way. There are times when this gadget needs to be removed for various reasons. But on how to do this he will go further.

Types of fastening of radio tape recorders

Before removing the car radio, you should know what it rests on. There can be the following types:

  1. On two fasteners.
  2. On four, the location of which is on the side, as well as on the top of the case.
  3. On self-tapping screws or screws.

The clamping principle consists of a mounting frame and a device, but not directly. This option makes the radio less mobile and keeps it in this position.

To unlock the latches, special keys of various shapes are used. The type of instrument itself depends on the supplied company. Fixing ordinary radio tape recorders in most cases is done on bolts located under the plastic panel. This will require minimal tools.

How to remove the car radio with the keys?

By having the keys with you, it will be easier than ever to remove the car radio. You just need to follow this algorithm:

  1. You will need to remove the front panel of the device and the design frame. If necessary, you can pry with a flat screwdriver.
  2. The next step is to take one of the keys and insert it from the side, namely between the mounting frame and the radio. Until there is a click.
  3. We do the same with the other key.
  4. Grasp the protruding parts with your hands and pull gently.
Recommendation! When extracting, do not press too hard. Also in the end it is worth acting very carefully so as not to damage the wires and contacts.

If the music center has four latches, two V keys should be included in the set. For them, the above instructions are also used.

How to remove the radio without keys?

For the lucky ones who didn’t get the keys for some reason, there is also some instruction. But first, look into the device slot. This is done to find a replacement tool. There can be many improvised means for such work. For example, here is a list of substitutions with which the pilots have successfully extracted:

  1. Stationery knife.
  2. Various carnations.
  3. Yarn.
  4. Plastic clips.

After choosing “replacement”, keep in mind that they will be needed in the same quantity as the latches. There may be two or four. After that, follow these steps:

  1. It is necessary to gradually insert an improvised tool into the openings until all the latches engage.
  2. Slowly remove the radio from the niche and with them the same tools.
Recommendation! Wear gloves when using sharp “substitutions” to avoid cutting your hands.

There may be cases when the latches are located in unexpected places.

An example would be Lada Priora. For this machine, the device latches are located between the channel switching buttons “2” – “3”, as well as “5” – “6”.

Recommendation! Before you start, the best option is to know, first, how to tie it.

Some radio tape recorders are quite sophisticated, since they use a PIN code for protection, most often 4 digits, which can change the situation at some point. This blockage appears after a few minutes of disconnection from the network. A person who does not know the PIN code, who has entered it incorrectly more than three times, pays directly from their wallet, unless of course they want to continue using it. It will have to be taken to specialists or companies who will solve the problem.

Recommendation! Do not enter the PIN code more than three times, as the service amount will increase. Also, do not turn it off for a long time in any case.