How to download Nothing Launcher on your Android phone now

O nada Launcher is now available for download from the Google Play Store on select Android smartphones. Nada is a curious startup founded by ex-OnePlus CEO Carl Pei. The company started out by launching audio accessories like TWS headphones, but has since confirmed plans to launch its first smartphone later this year.

At a recent online event, I revealed that the Nothing Phone (1) will be powered by a Snapdragon processor, the exact chip embedding remains a mystery. It also offers a relatively clean Android experience, with 40% fewer apps pre-installed compared to other Android smartphones. The device will also receive three years of operating system updates and four years of Android security patches.

Prior to the launch of the first generation Nothing Phone, Nothing Launcher was available for download on the Google App Store. The software is still in beta and, according to the official Play Store page, is currently barely compatible with some Android devices. The list of compatible devices includes Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and S22 series smartphones, as well as Google’s Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 series. The company also said it will be compatible with OnePlus devices shortly, but there is no exaggeration about which OnePlus phones will be compatible. Nothing was provoked by the initial availability of Nothing Launcher during the online event last month.

To download Nothing Launcher, go to the Play Store listing page and download it like any other app. Once installed, it can be used as the phone’s input initialization. To do this, on a Samsung Galaxy S21 or S22, go to Configurations, tap ‘Applications‘selection’Choose pattern applications‘e então’First application:Finally, select Nothing Launcher as the template initiator to confirm your various resources and features. On Pixel devices, go to Configurations and then to ‘Applications and notifications‘Followed by’Application Pattern:‘and after selection’First application:Finally, tap the option button next to ‘Initiator of nothing‘ to select it as the first application template for this device.

Nothing Launcher comes with three widgets on the original fabric, including a climate widget, an analog clock widget, and a digital clock widget. The launcher also comes with a unique patterned wallpaper that apparently shows a hand behind a glass panel. Users can also resize the icons and paste the application on the original screen. It is a legal resource that is not always found in OEM launchers, although it is a basic item of third party initialization applications such as the Nova Launcher. The app is kinda basic at the moment, but it’s still in beta nada it will likely update it with more resources in the coming days and weeks.

Font: Nada Launcher/Google Play Store

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