How to draw a love heart in Inkscape using the Bezier tool

If you want to draw an accurate and regular love heart for Valentine’s Day or any other romantic craft project, this tutorial will show you how to do it with Inkscape. There are several techniques you can use to draw a love heart, but this one uses the Bezier tool.

  1. How to draw a love heart in Inkscape using the Bezier tool
  2. Prepare a blank document
  3. Draw the first segment
  4. Draw the second segment
  5. Tweak Way
  6. Double path
  7. Place paths to make love heart
  8. Group paths to complete a love heart

How to draw a love heart in Inkscape using the Bezier tool

Many users find the Bezier tool a bit intimidating at first, but it is very useful once you learn how to use it. The simple love heart is a great shape to practice as it is very simple and you will also see how to duplicate elements to create new shapes.

Prepare a blank document

When you open Inkscape, it always opens a blank document for you to work on, but before you start drawing, you need to add one guideline. This guideline marks the vertical center of the completed love heart and makes life easier.

If the rulers at the left and top of the window are not visible, go to the section Vision Show hide rulers. to enable them. Now click on the left ruler and drag the mouse button to the right. You will see that you drag a vertical red line onto the page and should unclip it about half way down the page. It changes to a blue guideline when you release it.

Draw the first segment

Now you can draw the first segment of the love heart.

Select a tool from the toolbox and click once on the page about two-thirds of the way up the guideline. Now move the cursor horizontally to the left and click again to add a new node, but don’t release the mouse button. If you drag the cursor to the left, you will see two drag handles from the node and the line will begin to curve. You can use these buttons later to adjust the curve of the heart.

Draw the second segment

When you are happy with the curve of the first segment, you can draw the second segment.

Move the cursor over the page and go to the guideline. In addition, you will see that the curved line is automatically dragged behind the cursor and you can appreciate the shape of the first half of the love heart by looking at it. When you’re happy with the shape, make sure the cursor is on the guideline and click once. If you move the cursor now, you will see a new line appear after the cursor. To get rid of it, just press the key yield to stop drawing the line.

Tweak Way

You may have drawn the perfect half of a love heart, but if not, you can touch it up a bit to improve the look.

First select a tool Changing paths on nodes and click on a line to select it. You will see that there are three nodes available – these are square or diamond-shaped marks on the line. You can click and drag them to move and shape the line. If you click on the middle node you will see two drag handles and you can also drag them to change the curve.

Double path

To create a perfectly symmetrical love heart, you can duplicate the path you drew.

Click on the tool Select and make sure the curve is selected. Then go to File Duplicate † This places a copy of the curve on top of the original so you don’t see any difference. However, if you go to tool control panel above the page and press the button Flip selected objects horizontally the new path will become clear.

Place paths to make love heart

Two curved paths can be positioned to create a love heart.

First place the double path to form the love heart by dragging it or pressing the right arrow key. Before making sure the paths are placed correctly, we can color them red and remove the outline. Go to An object Filling and ironing and click tab to fill and then select solid color button † Then go to the tab RGB and drag the sliders R And A to the right and to G sliders And B all the way to the left. To delete the contour, go to the tab stroke of paint and then X left of the button uniform color

Group paths to complete a love heart

Now these two paths can be refined and grouped together to create one heart of love.

If your center guideline is still visible, go to Vision Guides to turn it off. Choose a resource Scale and click the bottom point of the love heart to zoom in. If you didn’t place the two paths perfectly, you should see that you have to change the position by half. hearts so that there is no gap between them and they are properly aligned. You can do it with the tool Select and drag one of the paths to the desired position. If you’re happy with it, go to Object group to create one object from two paths.

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