The vast majority of home craftsmen do not even suspect that with a drill you can make not only a round, but also a square hole in any material. At the same time, it is possible to solve such a problem, which quite often arises in household conditions (for example, when installing a door lock), in just a few minutes. The main thing is to have special equipment and a homemade adapter in your arsenal, which can be assembled from improvised materials in about half an hour.

What you need to drill a square hole

Professionals certainly know the possibilities of the Watts drill. It will be useful for everyone to know such a nozzle with a Repo triangle-shaped tip, with which you can get an even square hole with slightly rounded corners.

The design of such a drill differs significantly from the standard and consists of the following elements:

  • the tail section, which is clamped in the cartridge;
  • working part in the form of a head and a spiral, like a conventional drill;
  • a special chuck with a hole for chip removal, which allows the nozzle to move freely and at the same time eliminates the chaotic movement of the drill.

We will not dwell on the principle of operation of this equipment, which is usually used on lathes or drills, as well as special drills, if necessary, for making a square / rectangular hole in wood, metal and other materials. other materials. After all, today such nozzles can be ordered without any problems on the Internet or purchased in a specialized store. At the same time, the main thing is to pay attention to the dimensions, purpose (for wood / metal) and design features of the equipment.

But let’s dwell in detail on how to independently assemble an adapter for a slotting drill in order to securely fix the nozzle chuck, which has a long rod (under the machine) in the drill chuck. Otherwise, having purchased a Watts nozzle, the owner of a conventional drill may face a very unpleasant situation when the equipment does not perform its functions.

In fact, every craftsman with minimal welding skills will be able to cope with such work. However, you must first prepare:

  • a metal pipe, the diameter of which should be slightly larger than the size of the cylindrical part of the chuck;
  • a pair of steel pliers, with which you can securely fix a homemade stand on a drill chuck;
  • two elongated nuts and a pair of studs for them, as well as a bolt for fixing the nozzle;
  • of the tool you will need – a vice, a grinder, a tap and a welding machine.

The instructions for assembling a homemade stand are extremely simple and consist of a few steps:

  1. We clamp the pipe in a vice so that we cut a piece about 3 centimeters long using an angle grinder;
  2. We drill a hole in the part and cut the thread of the bolt prepared in advance.
  3. We weld nuts to the top of the clamps, which are placed across. You need to do it exactly in the middle. To facilitate the process, the fasteners can first be glued to the clamps.
  4. We bend the studs in a vice and twist them into nuts on the clamps.
  5. We weld a prepared tube with a hole at the free ends of the studs.
  6. We fix the collets on the drill, then we fix the rod in the chuck and the chuck in the tube with a bolt.

Immediately after that, you can proceed to the test of a homemade nozzle, which significantly increases the potential of a conventional drill.

How to drill a square hole with a drill

To cut square holes, you need to fix the nozzle in the adapter and place it in the intended place on the wooden workpiece, then press down hard on the drill and turn on the tool. When drilling, it is necessary to swing the Watts drill slightly in the direction of the fibers.

Attention!!! Rectangular holes in wood, ceramics and other materials are made in the same way. Just rearrange the drill along the intended line.

The end result in this case is not always satisfactory, but the work goes quite quickly, and all roughness can be removed in seconds with an ordinary chisel.

Working with metal in this case is not recommended, since the power of a conventional drill is not enough to solve such a problem, and the drill can quickly fail due to increased loads.