How to email undisclosed recipients in

Send messages from without showing email addresses

If you want to send a group email without revealing everyone’s address, use the Bcc field along with a contact named Undisclosed Recipients in the To field to hide the recipients. Their email addresses are kept private and you don’t have to worry about a series of replies.

The instructions in this article apply to and Outlook Online.

Send email to undisclosed recipients in

On, set up an address book entry for “undisclosed recipients” and select recipients for the hidden “Bcc” field.

If you only use the Bcc field to keep email addresses private, but if you leave the To field blank, spam filters may be flagged.

  1. Go to View switch and choose People

  2. Select new contact

  3. In text fields Name and Last name enter Undisclosed Recipients

  4. In a text box E-mail address enter your address (for example, [email protected]).

  5. Select To create

  6. Go to View switch and choose mail

  7. Select A new message to create a new email message.

  8. In a text field To who enter Undisclosed Recipients † When you enter text, Outlook suggests contacts from your address book.

  9. Select from the autocomplete list Undisclosed Recipients with your email address.

  10. Select Hidden copy in the top right corner of the message box.

  11. In a text field Hidden copy enter the recipients of your message. Separate addresses in the Bcc field with commas or by pressing Enter

    You can use autocomplete to insert recipients.

  12. Add a theme and compose a message.

  13. Select send

  14. Mail is sent to everyone in the Bcc field.

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