How to enable the message preview panel in Gmail

  1. Open emails in split screen with a reading pane.
  2. Enable the preview pane in Gmail
  3. Add a preview pane to Gmail
  4. Tips for using the preview pane in Gmail

Open emails in split screen with a reading pane.

Gmail has a built-in option called the preview pane that makes messages easier to read. This feature splits the screen in half, allowing you to read emails on one side and view messages on the other.

This reading bar feature is very easy to use. You can place a preview bar to the right of your emails so that you can view the messages and the mail folder side by side, or you can choose another option that places the bar just below the message.

Switching between different reading panes is easy, but before you get started, you need to enable the preview pane in Gmail (it’s turned off by default).

Enable the preview pane in Gmail

You can enable the Preview Pane option in Gmail from the Advanced section of the settings. Previously it was called Labs.

  1. Click or tap the gear button in the top right corner of Gmail.

  2. Select Institutions in the menu that appears.

  3. Go to section Additionally

  4. Go to section Preview window † Put the switch next to To turn on to the right of the sample lab.

  5. Use button Saving Changes at the bottom to enable the preview pane. You will immediately return to the folder inbox

You’ll know the lab is enabled when you see a new button appear at the top of Gmail, right next to the gear settings button from Step 1.

Add a preview pane to Gmail

Now that the Reading Panel Lab is enabled and available, it’s time to actually use it.

  1. Click or tap the down arrow next to the new button Enable split window mode (the one enabled in step 5 above).

  2. Choose one of these two options to enable the reading bar immediately:

    • Vertical separation † Places the preview pane to the right of the email.
    • Horizontal split † Places the preview pane below the email in the lower half of the screen.

  3. You should have a working sample panel.

Open an email from any folder. The preview panel works with all types of messages.

Tips for using the preview pane in Gmail

Parameter Vertical separation the preference for widescreen displays because it separates the email and the preview pane so that they are side by side, giving you plenty of room to read the message while viewing your emails. , If you have a traditional monitor that is more square, you may prefer to Horizontal distribution to avoid clipping the preview window.

After you enable split screen mode and place your mouse cursor directly on the line separating the preview pane and email list, you will notice that you can move that line left and right or up and down (depending on which preview you are). in). to be). This allows you to adjust how much of the screen you want to use for reading email and how much you want to reserve for viewing your email folder.

There is also an option No Divorce , which you can choose along with vertical or horizontal splitting. This temporarily disables the preview pane so that you can use Gmail normally. Selecting this option does not delete the lab, but simply disables the split mode you are using.

You can press the button: Enable split window mode (instead of the arrow next to it) to instantly switch between the preview mode you are in and the option No Divorce † For example, if you are currently reading emails with: Horizontal distribution and click this button, the preview panel will disappear; You can press it again to instantly return to landscape mode. The same is true if you use vertical mode.

In the same rows, there is an option to switch between vertical and horizontal bar when you read emails. You do not need to disable, reinstall, or update the Preview Panel Lab to do this. Just use the arrow next to the button Enable split window mode to select a different direction.

Change the position of the reading bar in the time when e-mail is opened, you must “reload” the reading panel. In other words, the email will be marked as read and the preview pane will say: Do not talk .You have to open the message again if you want to read the same email in a new direction.

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