How to Exclude YouTube Presentation and Search History on Android, iOS and Web

Some users may want to exclude Youtube Try to get time-to-time recommendations for a specific video or music genre. This happens because YouTube stores a user’s search history, preview, and even comments to know what users like and recommend similar videos. It can be useful for most users, but not pleasant for others, because YouTube can’t even recommend videos related to topics that are no longer of your interest.

With over 2 billion users, YouTube is by far the most popular video platform. In addition, Google’s own platform is constantly launching new resources such as picture-in-picture in the YouTube app for iOS and many more. Thousands of users visit YouTube every day to browse thousands of videos. Therefore, your settings need to be improved and adjusted to get the best results. Excluding YouTube search history and visualization can be a useful way to update your experience on the platform.

Some users may exclude YouTube’s search and visual history, not to interrupt recommendations, but to improve the privacy of using YouTube, especially when using the platform on home devices. Excluding YouTube history data from watched or searched videos will be excluded. For example, if the user watches a video repeatedly, the entire history will be excluded, not just the ending. However, this process still retains the registered channels and videos that you like or dislike on YouTube.

YouTube allows its users to exclude viewing and search history from all available operating systems, and there are two basic ways to do this. The first method is to exclude specific videos or search terms. This interrupts all associated recommendations and obscures the search history of each device. The second method is to exclude all your YouTube search history. On Android devices, users need to click on the profile icon in the top right corner and go to configuration On the main configuration page, click History and privacy options,

On this page, YouTube offers a wide selection of relevant stories for users to read Cleaning up exhibition history optionally it erases all visual history andDelete search history The same. Anyway, there are options History after the exhibition e Pausar historical search Users can activate these resources before searching for and watching content they don’t want to save to YouTube’s history. Finally, it’s worth noting that users can use YouTube’s restricted mode to filter adult content.

The process is almost the same on iPhone and iPad devices. For users: click on the profile icon to navigate to configurationNext, “History and Privacy” Find the same options discussed above. Finally, users can also exclude the visual and search history of the web application.The first step is to open Youtube site, navigate to the options menu in the three-line icon in the top corner, skip and click history options. From then on, users can exclude individual videos or multiple videos one by one. To completely exclude the watch history, the user must click Cleaning up exhibition history direct link, while on the same page there is an option to clear your search history. Also, users can exclude individual search terms on any device with a single click remove option on the side of a search term on the web or X Icons on Android, iOS and iPadOS.

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