How to export your emails from Gmail as mbox files

Simply download your email in just 7 steps

Downloading email from Gmail is very easy on the Google data download page. You can choose which folders and shortcuts you want and have them emailed to you or upload them directly to your drive or Dropbox.

When you export your Gmail email, it comes in mbox format, which is quite versatile. Several email clients such as Thunderbird and Apple Mail work directly with it. You can import mbox into Outlook by converting it to PST first. So by exporting, you can create local Gmail backups that actually run on your favorite email client.

Google also lets you keep your archives up to date with scheduled backups that automatically export your Gmail and send it to you every two months. No additional settings are required, just select an option by following these simple steps.

How to export your emails from Gmail as mbox files

To download a copy of the messages in your Gmail account in mbox file format (which can be easily used to create an archive to store your records or use the data in another service): .

  1. To download only certain messages, start in your Google Mail by applying a label, such as “messages to download,” to only the messages you want to download.

  2. Go to

  3. Select deselect everything † Everything is selected by default, which means you load all the data from your Google account.

  4. Scroll down to mail and use checkbox on the right to select it.

    If you only want to download certain messages, click # selected shortcuts † A new modal window will open with a list of your Gmail shortcuts. Check the labels that mark the emails you want to download.

  5. Select Next step at the bottom of the page.

  6. On the next page you can manage the export options. First, you can choose a shipping method. You can receive your emails via email or add them to your drive or other cloud storage like Dropbox.

    Then you can schedule regular backups or send a one-time archive.

    Then select the archive format and the maximum size. You should probably leave the archive as . Postal Code † The size is completely up to you. Large archives may take longer to download and open. Extremely large files can even cause errors.

    If you are satisfied, click on Create archive

  7. The mail file will be sent via your chosen shipping method. It may not be immediate; the more emails you upload, the longer it will take to create the archive

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