How to Export Your Gmail Contacts

You can export all your address book data from Gmail to other email programs and services via CSV or vCard.

  1. They will follow you
  2. Export your Gmail contacts
  3. Contacts added automatically by Gmail
  4. Disable automatic Gmail contacts

They will follow you

Gmail makes it easy to keep an address book. Everyone you chat with is automatically added to your contacts. Of course you can enter additional persons and data.

But what if you want to move or copy your precious collection of correspondents, for example to another Gmail account or to a desktop email program such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Yahoo! mail?

Fortunately, exporting contacts from Gmail is as easy as stockpiling.

Export your Gmail contacts

To export your entire Gmail address book:

  1. Open Gmail Contacts. Select google apps in the top right corner of the screen. The icon stands for grid of boxes which resembles the app launcher icon on an Android device.

    A menu will open with a list of available Google Apps. Select Contacts

  2. Select Lake in the Contacts sidebar to display additional options, including: Export

  3. Click Export… in the menu that appears.

  4. To export the entire address book, make sure that under Which contacts do you want to export, choose All contacts You can also select a group of Google contacts to export.

    If you only want to export contacts that you manually added to your Gmail address book (excluding entries automatically created by Gmail – see below – and people in Contacts just because you circled them on Google+), make sure that you Group My Contacts selected in section Which contacts do you want to export?

  5. For maximum compatibility, choose: Outlook CSV format (or Outlook CSV ) In chapter What is the export format? Outlook CSV and Google CSV export all data. The Gmail format uses Unicode to preserve international characters in all circumstances, but some email programs, including Outlook, do not support it. Outlook CSV converts names to the standard character encoding. Alternatively, you can use vCard † An Internet standard also supported by many email programs and contact managers, most notably OS X Mail and Contacts

  6. Select Export.

  7. Download the file “gmail-to-outlook.csv” (Outlook CSV), “gmail.csv” (Google CSV), or “contacts.vcf” to your desktop.

Of course, it is easy to import your contacts to another or transfer them back to the original Gmail account.

Contacts added automatically by Gmail

Wondering why the contact list and file are so large? Gmail adds new items to your address book as you use it. Gmail automatically creates a new contact every time you reply to or forward an email to a new address.

This new automatic entry can be found under: Other contacts in Gmail contacts.

Disable automatic Gmail contacts

To prevent Gmail from automatically adding new addresses to your contacts:

  1. Click the gear icon Settings in Gmail.

  2. Select Settings in the menu that appears.

  3. Go to the tab Occur often

  4. know for sure I will add contacts myself In chapter Create contacts for autofill.

  5. Click Saving Changes.

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