How to Export Your Yahoo Mail Address Book

Save or share your Yahoo Mail contacts

If you decide to switch email providers, you may want to take your contact list with you. Yahoo Mail can export your address book to a universal format: CSV. While importing email addresses from CSV files doesn’t always work perfectly with all email providers, most major services like Gmail support them flawlessly.

The instructions in this article apply to the standard web version of Yahoo Mail.

How to Export Your Yahoo Mail Address Book

To export your Yahoo Mail address book to a CSV file:

  1. Choose an icon Contacts in the top right corner of Yahoo Mail. It’s to the left of the settings, calendar, and notepad icons.

  2. Check box above the contact list to select all contacts. You can also select or deselect contacts individually.

  3. Select Actions at the top of the contact list.

  4. Select Export in the drop-down menu.

  5. Select Yahoo CSV for a generic .csv file. There are also options for certain email providers, but the CSV format is the most versatile.

  6. Select Export now to start downloading.

Yahoo Mail stores contacts in the default download folder in a file named yahoo_contacts.csv † Now you can import the CSV file into Outlook or any other email service.

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