How to expose sensitive media on Twitter

Twitter It allows users to filter tweets that contain “sensitive media” that contain violence, video, and adult content. Once this month has been verified, the company’s moderators will manually review the content before making a decision on future actions. Twitter says the policy is designed to protect users who don’t want to be exposed to sensitive content without preventing others from sharing it on the platform.

Twitter divides sensitive content into several categories, some of which are fully supported, while others are allowed, but only with the “potentially sensitive” role. The company’s policies are relatively icy compared to other social media sites like Facebook, but there are no restrictions on what can and cannot be published. Proven categories include “a lot of blood” means of communication, “media portraying sexual violence”, and all forms of illegal content.

Twitter allows users Relatorio violate her Sensitive media policies Use an application or site. In the application, navigate to Tweets and tap the three-dot floating menu button. From the pop-up menu, select Cancel a Tweetand selecting the correct sync motif on the next page. In this case the motive is: display sensitive photos or videos† Now the user has to select the relevant option to explain why the image or video is sensitive. The process works the same way on Android and iOS.

To select sensitive media on the Twitter site, click the three-hand floating menu button next to the tweet and select Cancel a Tweet from the pop-up menu. On the next page click display sensitive photos or videos Then select the relevant category. Users can also view navigation lists to the list that this jam relates to, by clicking on the three buttons. Lake icon and next selection list of historians

According to Twitter, the tax action for political violations will depend on the type of media and where it is posted. The company promises “Graphic violence, adult content and audio imagery” Live video and profile picture meanwhile are not acceptable under any circumstances. Primary users will be asked to remove confidential content and may be temporarily blocked from their accounts. Accidental intruders risk having their account permanently suspended. Twitter Users are not authorized to “No violent or erotic content solicited”, and will ask you to transfer it as part of the abuse policy.

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